4 Places in the South of England You Have to Visit This Summer

by Laura C. Jones

With a mixture of incredible historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes, and bustling, vibrant cities, visitors to the South of England are spoilt for choice for things to do. However, the vast number of amazing places to visit can sometimes get a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed down our favorite four places in Southern England you have to see this summer:

1. Bath

You can easily spend a couple of days in one of England’s most historic cities. Whether it’s getting lost in the city’s side streets, or learning about Britain’s Roman past, there is plenty to do in Bath. Make sure to visit the city’s Roman Baths and learn about the way Bath’s locals used to live during the Ancient Roman Empire. You can even take a dip in Thermae Bath Spa – which still uses the same natural spring waters that supplied the Roman Baths back in the day!

2. London

The capital hub of Southern England – there’s a reason London is one of the most popular places to visit in the UK. It’s easy to get to London via train, and you easily spend a weekend or more in the capital city. With plenty of different areas offering different things to do, mix up your trip by visiting tourist hotspots like Camden, Westminster Abbey, or the famous Buckingham Palace, as well as places more off the beaten track.

3. Oxford

A picturesque university town full of beautiful architecture, great arts and theatre, and a buzzing nightlife, Oxford comes with plenty to offer. Visitors can spend their weekends visiting the university colleges, picnicking in the parks and botanic gardens, and even try punting down the River Isis – all before ending up in a side-street city pub or a fringe theatre.

4. Dover

The historic seaside town of Dover is one of the unique places in the South of England. This town played a major role during World War 2, especially the Dover Castle and its Secret Wartime Tunnels. Be sure to also check out the breathtaking White Cliffs of Dover, where you can spend most of the day strolling along the cliffside and looking at the seaside landscapes before you go!

Southern England is a great destination for visitors looking to experience a wealth of different cities, towns, and natural landscapes. And since this part of the UK is extremely well connected by train, it’s easy to explore the above suggestions this summer. So, pack your bag, your sunscreen, and a camera, and get exploring the South!

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