All the Spanish Words That Start With W in One Place

by Laura C. Jones

Have you ever wondered if there are any native Spanish words that start with W? The “uve doble” letter is familiar to English speakers and a part of everyday vocabulary.

However, its appearance in the Spanish alphabet is somewhat limited to loan (foreign) words. There aren’t many Spanish words that start with W today — and as you’ll see, most, if not all, of them are Anglicisms (with a few Germanisms here and there).

Spanish Words That Start With W

The letter W isn’t native to Spanish or Latin (from which Spanish came to be), so even its sound isn’t the same in all words. Sometimes, native Spanish speakers may add the letter G at the beginning of English-derived words.

Similarly, with words of Germanic origin (and some English ones too), it’s common to pronounce the letter W at the beginning as B or V.

wachar to look at
wachimán watchman
wafer thin slice of semiconductor; thin, light crisp biscuit
waffle waffle
waflera waffle maker
wagneriano Wagnerian
wagon-lit sleeping car on a railway
Wahabismo, wahabí, wahabita Wahhabism, or connected to Wahhabism
Walhalla Walhalla
walkie-talkie walkie-talkie
Walkman Walkman
walkover forfeit
wallaby wallaby (small or middle-sized macropod)
walquiria (or walkiria) Valkyrie
wamba sneaker, plimsoll; king Wamba
wapití elk
warning warning (caution or advance notice)
warrant a certificate for acquiring a certain number of shares at a fixed price and period
wasabi wasabi
wasp WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)
waterpolista water polo player
waterpolo water polo
watio (also watt) watt (can also be spelled like this)
wau A variant of the letter “u”; can be a sound, semiconsonant or semivocal
WC (also water-closet) toilet
web web (Internet)
Web 2.0 Web 2.0
webcam webcam
weber weber (unit)
weblog web blog (full form of the term)
webmaster webmaster
webquest web request
website website
wedge wedge
week-end weekend
weimarés Weimarian
Wellington rain boots, in particular, those by brand Wellington
wellingtonia Wellingtonia (giant redwood)
welwitschia Welwitschia (type of plant)
wengué Wenge (Millettia laurentii)
wepa Cool, awesome, oh yeah
westfaliano Westphalian
whiskería (also wiskería) a whisky bar or a night bar where the waitresses dress provocatively and chat up the patrons
whisky (also wiski) whisky
whisky de malta malt whisky
whisky escocés Scotch whisky
widget widget
wifi Wi-Fi
Wikcionario Wiktionary
wiki wiki (a website or database where any user can add or edit content)
Wikipedia Wikipedia
wikén weekend
wincha hairband
windsurf windsurfing
windsurfista windsurfer
wireless wireless
wok wok (a type of Chinese frying pan)
wolof Wolof (language of Mauritania, Gambia, and Senegal); also, Wolof people
won South Korean won (currency)
wonderbra underwired padded bra, trademark by brand Wonderbra
woofer woofer
workaholic workaholic
workshop workshop
worm worm
wrap wrap
wrestling wrestling
wáter (also water and váter) toilet
wélter welterweight
wéstern Western (movie genre)
wólfram (also wolframio) tungsten

Honorable Mentions

Native Spanish speakers have a tendency to use their own variants of personal names. For instance, Prince William would be Guillermo in Spain, and his father would be Carlos.

However, some names cannot be transformed like that, so Woody Allen and any Walter or Willy are likely to keep their names, giving native speakers another chance to use the letter W at the beginning.

Other words that start with “uve doble” in Spanish include:

  • Places like Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Winnipeg, Windsor, Wuhan, Wolfsburg, and Winchester
  • Bodies of water like the river Waal
  • Metonyms like Wall Street.

Names of apps, software, systems, and similar. Popular web-related Spanish words that start with W include WAP, WhatsApp (or wasap), and the famous Windows.

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