6 Factors To Consider Before Going To Medical School

by Laura C. Jones

Deciding to enroll in medical school can be a challenging decision. Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ provides a poignant representation of the profound impact of pursuing a medical education. The story delves into themes of ambition, creation, and moral dilemmas, echoing the challenges and significant choices that aspiring medical students also encounter.

Victor Frankenstein’s insatiable thirst to defy the laws of nature exemplifies his unyielding pursuit of knowledge, as he seeks to unravel the mysteries of the human body and mind. In a similar vein, aspiring medical students harbor an immense desire to positively impact the lives of others. But the question is, will they venture into uncharted territories in pursuit of medical knowledge?

Becoming a doctor entails a big responsibility. Throughout medical school duration, students undergo rigorous preparation to become qualified medical professionals, equipped with the capacity to diagnose, treat, and provide comprehensive care for patients’ medical needs. Attending medical school offers formal education to aspiring doctors, enabling them to ultimately deliver high-quality healthcare.

If you want to become a doctor, you must be ready for the challenges of medical school. This article explores various factors to consider before attending one.

1. Passion And Dedication

Becoming a doctor is a lengthy and challenging journey. The most important thing to consider is your interest in medicine. Having a genuine desire to help others and being fascinated by the complexities of the human body can be helpful for this profession. These qualities can provide you with the motivation necessary to overcome challenges.

Medical school requires a strong and unwavering commitment. The process includes long study sessions, tough training, and high-stress scenarios. Hence, it’s vital to evaluate your capacity to stay dedicated even when faced with challenges. Your level of commitment will impact your success as a future medical professional.

2. Educational Commitment

A doctor needs to have significant medical knowledge. Usually, after completing four years of undergraduate study, students attend another four years of medical school. In addition, residencies and scholarships can lengthen your training for several years. Before starting this journey, determine whether you’re ready for the extended study period.

Medical school is a demanding academic program. To succeed, you need a solid foundation in science and the ability to think critically. Time management and good study habits will be crucial for your success as you navigate through your academic journey.

3. Financial Implications

Everyone knows that medical school is expensive. Tuition, books, materials, and living expenses can quickly accumulate, so it’s beneficial to research financial aid options for a medical student. Scholarships and loan repayment programs can help you manage student debt.

It’s crucial to assess the significant investment and years of training required before attending medical school. Discovering the appropriate specialization for you early on through research can help you make an informed financial decision, as this helps you forecast your future expenses, especially during clinical rotations and for medical internships.

4. Work-Life Balance 

Medical workers often work long and unpredictable shifts. This factor can affect your personal life, relationships, and overall well-being. Helping patients is fulfilling, but finding a balance is essential. It allows you to take care of yourself and have a healthy lifestyle.

The work conditions and timetables differ depending on your chosen medical specialty. Some specialties may have more consistent working hours, while others may require being available on call. As you explore various specialties, consider the type of work-life balance you want and ensure it matches your lifestyle.

5. Personal Growth

Medicine is an ever-changing field. It’s critical to continue learning and keep up with medical advances as you go along. Consider your readiness to accept lifelong learning to deliver the best possible treatment to your patients.

Medical care is a team effort involving various healthcare experts. Hence, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams is inevitable. Respect for colleagues’ expertise and excellent communication can facilitate better patient results.

While the journey to becoming a doctor is challenging, it also provides enormous personal growth and a sense of purpose. So, before making a choice, consider how having a career in the medical field can bring personal and professional satisfaction to you.

6. Ethical And Moral Considerations

Medical professionals often face ethical dilemmas when it comes to patient autonomy, treatment choices, and allocating resources. The job may also require you to deliver unpleasant news, witness patient suffering, and unearth solutions that can significantly impact lives.

Examining your values and how they fit with the ethics of medicine is the best way to maintain your dedication. Prepare yourself for challenging situations where you must make choices that involve honesty and kindness.

Moreover, reflect on your capacity to handle pressure and work on developing emotional resilience. Doing so can help you provide the best possible treatment for your patients while caring for your well-being.

From caring for people in their final stages of life to contentious medical treatments, medicine can pose moral problems. Consider your next steps if your values deviate from the recommended medical guidelines. Finding a balance between your moral beliefs and evidence-based practice is best.


The story of ‘Frankenstein’ can be a reminder that ethical considerations and a commitment to patient well-being should guide the pursuit of excellence in medicine. Therefore, pursuing a career in medicine requires assessing your capacity and readiness in relation to various factors. Understanding them can help you feel more confident as you start your journey to medical school.

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