Welcome to the Fields of Green!

My name is Laura C. Jones, as a long-time writer and editor, I have always wanted to create a space where other writers and I could share our creativity. In addition, my dream was to offer people a place where they can find inspiration, hope, useful tips, and exciting stories. And with all of that in mind, my website was born.

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The Fields of Green has one purpose: to make a difference in people’s lives. All the content is carefully written, researched, and selected to cover a wide variety of topics anyone would find interesting. From in-depth articles on finance and education to fun little anecdotes and lifestyle tips — the Fields of Green has got it all.

The secret to such an all-encompassing website is pretty simple: I have given my everything to it. I’ve dedicated all of my time to making the Fields of Green a safe and fun place for everyone. And honestly — I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love investing my time, effort, and energy into something creative and inspiring.

When writing my articles, I have one question in mind: how can I help my readers? That question drives me to create evergreen content people will find relevant. I try to put myself in my readers’ shoes and imagine what they need and want to read about. This personal connection with the readers is what makes my website as unique as it is.

No matter what topic you are looking to read about, the website will have it covered. Thank you for stopping by the Fields of Green. I hope you enjoy yourself!