Using Text to Speech for Explainer Videos

by Laura C. Jones

While not all types of videos need a voiceover to be effective, industry explainer videos with scripts containing lots of textual information definitely do.

A spoken narration in a clear, easy-to-understand voice can reinforce the message being conveyed effectively.

Used correctly, the humble voiceover can add much value to your video in terms of clarity and attractiveness to the audience.

Leverage the video’s multisensory qualities by adding a realistic text to speech narration that acts as an additional layer in aiding the audience’s understanding of your video’s message.

Adding a narration doesn’t require you to invest in mics or avail the services of a voice actor. With text to speech (TTS) or text to audio technology, you can create video voiceovers directly from your script.

Benefits of Adding Audio to Text Voiceovers:

1. Makes the content more engaging and easier to understand

Many people find it easier to listen to content than to read, and adding a voiceover helps this section of the audience.

Your video becomes more engaging to the audience when you add a narration to it.

2. Emphasize the main points

An audio narration allows you to emphasize the main points that should not be missed by the audience.

Use TTS narration at key points in your video to introduce new topics or reinforce an important marketing message.

3. Inclusivity

Make your videos more accessible to people with visual impairments by adding audio narration of the video’s content.

Voiceovers also help people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities in understanding the content of the video.

4. Voiceovers in multiple languages

You can easily localize your content and make it accessible to people across regions and cultures with voiceovers in multiple languages.

How to Create a Text-to-Speech Voiceover?

Creating voice-over video using text-to-speech tools is very easy. The process is extremely flexible, and the content can be conveniently updated at a later date by simply typing out a new script.

Here are the steps to create a text-to-audio voiceover:

1. Create a script

First of all, create the script you want to be narrated. Identify all the key points and type them out in the form of an easy-to-read script.

Be sure to include all the textual information you want the voiceover to convey.

2. Choose your text-to-speech software

There are many different types of text-to-audio software packages available online. Choose the one that best caters to your needs.

Some platforms offer free TTS service, while you would have to pay for others.

3. Convert your script into a voiceover

Follow the instructions on your TTS production tool to convert your script into voiceover audio. These software tools come with many voice options and audio effects.

Choose the options of your choice to create a voiceover that is perfectly tailored to your video’s requirements.

4. Download and integrate with your video

Download the audio clips in the format of your choice. Now all you have to do is integrate the audio clips with your video using any video editor you prefer.

Wrapping Up

Adding high-quality, realistic text-to-speech voice overs to your explainer videos can add immense value to them.

Not only do clear voice overs make it easier to explain difficult concepts to the audience, but they are also more inclusive and can be understood by people with visual or learning impairments.

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