Shireen Mula: The Long-Time Same-Sex Partner of Golda Rosheuvel, Together for a Decade

by Laura C. Jones

Golda Rosheuvel, celebrated for her captivating role as Queen Charlotte in Netflix’s popular series “Bridgerton,” has charmed numerous fans with her acting prowess.

On-screen, she’s paired with King George III, but her off-screen romantic life paints a different picture. Rosheuvel proudly identifies as gay and is in a committed long-term relationship with Shireen Mula, a playwright and theatre artist.

We know that Mula writes plays, but she prefers keeping her life a little private. So, you’re probably thinking: How did they meet? And do they have any kids together?

Look no further for the answers!

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Shireen Mula and her love story with Golda Rosheuvel. Let’s jump into the details right away.

Shireen Mula’s Early Life

Shireen Mula’s Early Life

Mula was born on May 2, 1970. That makes her 53 years old, as of 2023.

She’s half-Mauritian, half-Irish, and she grew up in Saudi Arabia. After that, she moved to England.

Unfortunately, Mula loves staying away from the spotlight and keeping her personal life private. As a result, we don’t know a lot about her parents or siblings.

What we do know is:

Growing up, Shireen was always interested in theater and drama. Surprisingly, Golda was also passionate about the same things at that age.

Fun fact: Golda was more into sports at first. She loved the javelin and wanted to participate in the Olympics. She even started training hard. Sadly, an ankle injury stopped her from achieving her adolescent dreams.

During her recovery, Golda fell in love with drama and theater—lucky for us! This led to her following her new aspirations, and now she’s starring in one of the most popular shows in the world: Bridgerton.

Shireen Mula’s Career


Like her partner, Mula has a career in the same industry. But, her work takes place behind the scenes.

Shireen is a well-known playwright, dramaturg, and theatermaker. Her work has reached diverse audiences in various countries. She’s worked internationally and in London, creating plays for audiences of different ages.

She was also a part of a cross-cultural collaboration between London’s Soho Theater and Kuala Lumpur’s CloudBreak Creative Development Center.

What’s more impressive is:

She has 12 years of experience in theater production and playwriting. Want to learn her most popular plays? Here are some:

  • The Rise and Fall (Somerset House – 2017)
  • Why Is the Sky Blue? (Southwark Playhouse – 2018)
  • Soon Until Forever (Theatre503 – 2013)
  • Same Same (FanShen and Ovalhouse – 2011)
  • Nameless (Arnolfini Theater – 2010)

In her work, you’ll notice that Mula uses inspiration from her life. One of her plays, In Time, was about her relationship with her father for instance.

It’s safe to say that the talented writer has paved her path to success with dedication. And, she was able to snatch great awards as a result! For example, her play “Why Is the Sky Blue?” received two nominations for the Off West End Award. 

In addition to playwriting, Mula served as a lecturer at London’s South Bank University for a while as well. She also taught writing classes on Rainbow Writes.

Shireen Mula’s Partner

Rosheuvel was born in January 1970 in Guyana. She lived there until she was five. Her mother was British, and her father was Guyanese. In 1975, young Golda moved to England and started a new life.

At a young age, her father’s love for music influenced her to start singing. On top of that, her mother was in the orchestra, so Golda quickly became obsessed with classical music.

Despite the promise her pipes had, Golda decided to focus on her acting career instead. 

Rosheuvel is mostly known for her iconic role as Queen Charlotte in “Bridgerton”—if you haven’t seen it already, what’s holding you back? You should know that Shel won the hearts of the nation with this role and earned a more significant fan base since the first episode!

She was also in popular movies, including Dune, Lady Macbeth, Muse, and Lava. 

Shireen Mula and Golda Rosheuvel’s Relationship

Shireen Mula and Golda Rosheuvel’s Relationship

Golda Rosheuvel met Shireen Mula at a mutual friend’s party in 2013. Surprisingly, they didn’t click right away, and their first meeting didn’t go perfectly.


On the first date, Rosheuvel joked that she wasn’t ready to tie the knot with anyone. 

She told Mula: “If you ever ask me to marry you, I’ll say no!” And Mula replied: “Yeah, yeah, fine.” 

Little did they know, it was a match made in heaven. Now, they look back at these moments after 10 years together and laugh.

After all, they both share the same interests. They even work in the same showbiz! In fact, Mula has been recently involved with “Bridgerton” too.

Here’s another cute fact about the couple:

During an interview on the “Just for Variety with Marc Malkin” podcast, Golda said that Shireen was always supportive. Whether it was a personal decision or a work-related matter, Mula was always there for Golda.

Shireen Mula’s Net Worth

Shireen hasn’t publicly disclosed her net worth. However, considering her 12 years of combined experience as a theater-maker and playwright, it’s safe to assume that she’s amassed a great fortune.

We also know that Golda has a net worth of approximately $15 million. Most of her fortune came from her career as an actress and singer.

Shireen Mula’s Social Media Presence

Shireen Mula’s Social Media Presence

Shireen Mula isn’t interested in social media. She doesn’t have an Instagram account. And her X (previously known as Twitter) has less than 1k followers and around 6.5k tweets. Though, she hasn’t posted anything there since 2020. 

Mula doesn’t have an official Facebook page either, and she keeps her profile private. 

Golda, on the other hand, is very active on social media. She has 370k followers and over 300 posts on Instagram, but she’s also not on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shireen Mula and Golda Rosheuvel have any kids together?

As of 2023, the couple doesn’t have any kids together. They also haven’t publicly announced their intention to adopt a child.

What are Shireen’s body measurements?

Shireen Mula is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs around 130 lbs.

Where does Shireen Mula live?

Shireen lives with Golda in South London, United Kingdom.

Wrapping Up

So, who’s Shireen Mula?

Well, Mula is a renowned playwright, dramaturg, and theatermaker. She’s half-Irish, half-Mauritian.

Shireen spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia. After that, she moved to England to pursue her career as a playwright.

One day, while attending a friend’s party, she came across Golda Rosheuvel. They started talking and became friends. Shortly after, they went on a date, and the rest was history.

As of 2023, they’ve been together for over 10 years. They currently live together in South London.

Images source: Instagram

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