Korina Harrison: Why Did She End Her Relationship with Her Husband a Year Later and Stay Away from the Public Eye after Getting Married so Quickly?

by Laura C. Jones

Corey Harrison, also known as “Big Hoss,” is a familiar face to fans of the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars.”  However, being a skilled appraiser and a reality TV star isn’t the only aspect that interests his followers, as many of them are also curious about his past relationship with Corina Harrison and how it ended.


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In today’s guide, I’ll walk you through everything there’s to know about their short-lived and how it affected Corey Harrison today.

Who Is Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison, also known as “Kiki Harrison,” is an American celebrity ex-wife who’s best known for her brief stint as the wife of the American businessman Richard Corey Harrison. In the following section, we’ll discuss their relationship together. But first, let’s have a quick look at some of the information we know about her.

Early Life, Education, Career

Even during her relationship with Corey Harrison, Korina was a fairly private person who never made any public announcements, so there’s little to no information about many aspects of her life, including when she was born. That being said, it’s established that, like Corey Harrison, she was also born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas

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Some sources claim that Korina Harrison was a stay-at-home wife. However, she did have her own career as an executive assistant in Las Vegas before marrying Corey. In fact, she met him while working as his own assistant, but more about that later.

However, it’s unclear whether she’s still doing the same job following their divorce. I arrived at this conclusion based on the official statement that Corey himself gave regarding their divorce, in which he cited their conflict in schedules as the main reason why they decided to end their relationship.

Her Relationship with Corey Harrison

Now that you know all the available information about Corey Harrison’s ex-wife, it’s time to dive deeper into their short-lived relationship. Here’s everything you need to know:

Corey Harrison’s Past Relationships

First, you should know that Kiki Harrison isn’t Corey’s first flame, as he was actually involved in a serious relationship before her, particularly with his high school sweetheart and early life partner “Charlene.” The couple decided to tie the knot back in 2009, but their marriage ultimately ended in divorce six years later in 2015.


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Yet, Corey never gave a statement revealing the reasons behind their breakup. It’s also worth noting that they never had any children together.

How They Met Each Other?

One year after divorcing his first wife, Corey met Korina, who also lived in Las Vegas, where he resides. Rumors claim that she started working for him as his executive assistant, which is actually what we know is her job before marrying him.

Their connection quickly developed into a romantic relationship, and they got married in May 2017. It also seems that the couple was really excited about starting a family together, as they became pregnant shortly after the marriage.

Separation and Divorce

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t survive the turbulence of their schedules, and the couple had to file for a divorce in August 2018. This was only two months before their only child, Richard Benjamin Harrison, came to life.

However, while giving a statement about his divorce, Corey mentioned that the new parents ended their relationship on good terms as they still love each other and are excited about their new chapter in life as parents.

How Much Is Korina Harrison Worth?

Another aspect that I didn’t find any reliable information on is Korina Harrison’s total net worth. While details regarding Kiki Harrison’s financial situation remain scarce, some educated guesses can be made based on how things ended with Corey Harrison, considering the amicable divorce they had as well as the fact that they have a child together.

Given her ex-husband’s estimated net worth of $4 million, it’s unlikely her own wealth would exceed $1 million to $2 million. This assumption is further supported by the lack of public information about any substantial assets or independent income sources she may possess.

However, these are still speculations based on logical findings and the limited available information, so they should be regarded as estimations rather than absolute facts.

Frequently Asked Question

How Old is Korina Harrison?

Unfortunately, since there was no information about Korina Harrison’s birthday, she managed to hide her age and zodiac from the public. However, some rumors claim that she’s the same age as Corey Harrison himself, who was born on April 27, 1983, which makes him 41 years old as of 2024.

Where Is Korina Harrison Now?

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable information about Corey Harrison’s current whereabouts or what she’s doing in her life. Since the divorce, she’s remained entirely out of the public eye, making it difficult to track her activities and what she’s up to. This is especially true since she was no celebrity herself before the marriage, so she probably desired privacy following the split.

What Is Korina Harrison’s Height and Weight?

While there’s no official statement, common estimations of her body measurements put her height at around 5 feet and 6 inches (around 168 centimeters) and her weight at around 132 pounds (60 kilograms), so he has a fairly average build for her height.

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