Nina Yankovic: Plans Beyond Graduation Remain a Mystery for Weird Al’s Daughter Two Years On

by Laura C. Jones

Nina Yankovic has gained notoriety as Weird Al’s only child. Yet, it’s her natural wit, genuine love for the environment, and heartfelt compassion that has made her who she is today.

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Nina Yankovic: Family Life

Nina Yankovic is the only daughter of Suzanne Yankovic and her husband Grammy Award-winner, singer, actor, and parodist, Weird Al. She was born one day after her parents’ second anniversary.

Being the only child, Nina grew up under the dotting and watchful eye of her parents.

The California-born-and-bred Nina was born in Los Angeles on the 11th of February, 2003.

In Hollywood, many celebrities choose to settle for one child mainly because of issues regarding fertility. As for Nina’s parents, they made the decision early on to only have one child either naturally or via adoption. So, when Nina was born, it was clear from the start that she’d always remain an only child.

Growing up, Nina took after her parents in many aspects. But, she’s mostly known for inheriting her father’s witty sense of humor.

In one social media post, Weird Al posted a video of Nina playing the accordion while dressed up in a baseball cap and ridiculously high boots.

Another instance of their goofy style, Weird Al posted yet another video of his daughter on her 18th birthday. In the video, she can be heard asking if anyone knew where her gecko had gone. All the while, the gecko in question was sitting innocently on her face.



Nina’s father is known in the entertainment industry as Weird Al, though his full name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic. He’s an eccentric, widely-known Grammy Award winner with an impressive ability to create comedic parodies and songs.

His works are often centered around the idea of making light of the current pop culture as well as contemporary musicians.

In addition to his five Grammy wins, Weird Al has 11 nominations, six platinum records, and four gold records in the US

His latest album, Mandatory Fun, was released in 2014. It quickly shot up the charts to the number slot in its debut week. It also won him a Grammy.

Not only was his album a success on the Billboard charts, but it also made him the third artist following Michael Jackson and Madonna to have a song be part of the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014.

Along with his singing career, Weird Al has also appeared in several films and TV series. He even wrote a couple of children’s books inspired by his daughter.

One titled When I Grow Up made it to number four on The New York Times Children’s Picture Books Best Sellers list. And, just like that, Weird Al became a New York Times best-selling author partly thanks to his daughter, Nina.

Some of the works he’s taken part in include:

  • Starred in the 1989 movie UHF
  • Starred in the 1997 television series The Weird Al Show
  • Produced The Compleat Al in 1985
  • Produced a satirical film about his life in 2022 called Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
  • Wrote two children’s books: When I Grow Up; 2011, and My New Teacher and Me!; 2013



Suzanne met Weird Al through a mutual friend, Bill Mumy, in the late 1990s or early 2000. They talked on the phone for several weeks before meeting in person.

Even though Weird Al had already a crush on her before meeting face-to-face, Suzanne was more skeptical, especially when she found out that he was an award-winning celebrity.

Nevertheless, she decided to give him a chance anyway. They decided to go out on a date and see where it went from there, and as you can probably guess, one date quickly turned into a whole string of dates. Finally, Weird Al decided to propose, and Suzanne happily accepted.

The couple got married on February 10, 2001, and they’ve been together ever since.


Unfortunately, not all of Nina’s life has been fun and games. She and her family suffered a tragedy back in April of 2004.

When she was only a little younger than two, her paternal grandparents, Nick and Mary Yankovic had been found dead in their home in Fallbrook, California.

They were discovered by family members who had gone to the elderly couple’s home to check in on them. The relatives hadn’t heard from the Yankovic’s in some time and wanted to make sure everything was alright.

Police officials and the local coroner’s office put it down as carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their fireplace.

Nina Yankovic: Social Media

Nina doesn’t have much of a social media presence except on Instagram and Twitter. That said, however, it’s apparent that she values her privacy and wishes to stay out of the limelight except for the occasional photo that usually appears on her father’s social media.

Her father, on the other hand, is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram where he has approximately 770 thousand followers.

Nina Yankovic Education

Nina Yankovic Education

As a child and teenager, Nina attended a local school in her hometown, Los Angeles.

Then, after high school, she decided to enroll at a liberal arts college all the way on the other side of the country.

The 20-year-old is currently studying at Williams College, the well-regarded, prestigious liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Nina is a sophomore this year, which means she’ll be graduating in 2025.

Nina Yankovic: Net Worth

Nina is known as an environment enthusiast and for mostly focusing on her studies. That said, her personal estimated net worth isn’t available.

Her father’s net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be at $20 million. Her mother, a marketing executive for 20th Century Fox, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Nina Yankovic: Relationship

I wasn’t able to find any information on any rumors of Nina being in a relationship with anyone. The college student is busy focusing on her college education.

She’s also a staunch supporter of environmental issues and has been involved with a non-profit organization that advocates for the environment and wildlife known as Environment California.

In Conclusion

Being the only child of Weird Al Yankovic, Nina has certainly had a unique upbringing. Yet, having a marketing whizz for a mother has helped her stay grounded.

Since Nina is still in college, it’ll be interesting to see how this quirky, funny, environmentally-conscious young lady plans on doing with her life after she graduates.

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