Brooke Monk Age: How Old Is the #37 Top Creator of 2023, Who Gained 16 Million TikTok Followers in Less Than Two Years?

by Laura C. Jones

Brooke Monk has been internet-famous for about five years and started her content-creation journey relatively young.

So, how old is the TikTok star Brooke Monk today? She was born on January 31, 2003, and she’s 21.

The fact that someone can be this successful at 21 is impressive. While researching Brooke Monk’s age, I came across some exciting insights.

Intrigued? Read on!

7 Fun Facts About 21-Year-Old Brooke Monk

Brooke Monk

Let’s dive right into the Monk trivia!

1. Monk Was a Senior at 16

You’d expect a high school senior to be about 17 or 18. However, Brooke Monk was in her senior year when she was only 16.

How? As it happens, the TikTok star was homeschooled all her life.

In a 2019 Q&A video, she assured her fans that she didn’t skip any grades—she just went through the grades a bit faster!

2. Brooke Monk Wore Braces Until She Was 17

One of the questions that Monk got in the Q&A video was about her braces. At the time, she said she’d have to wear them for 18–24 months.

Luckily, she got them removed in July 2020, when she was 17. She filmed the day (even in the orthodontist’s!) and posted it as a little vlog for her fans!

That wasn’t the only time Monk shared content about her dental issues. There was a video about getting her wisdom teeth (all four of them) removed.

3. Monk Is Going to Age Gracefully (Or Is She?)

Brooke Monk

Do you know those filters that “predict” how you’ll look as you age? Brooke Monk used one of those to see herself as a 70-year-old and shared the results on TikTok.

She captioned the video: “Why is aging so beautiful?” Some of her fans thought the results were this beautiful for one reason: Monk herself is a cute and presentable 20-something influencer who would still look like a pretty and presentable 70-year-old lady.

In a more playful take, Monk shared a YouTube video of how she’d age with her partner (Samuel Dezzani) over the next ten years. The joke was that she’d look like an old lady, and he’d still look pretty young. You know, because he stresses her out so much.

I will be looking so old #shorts#couple.

4. Monk’s Partner Is 22 Years Old and Internet Famous, Too

Brooke Monk’s partner

Speaking of Brooke Monk’s partner, I must mention that he’s also a social media personality.

Yup, Samuel Dezzani has more than a million followers on Instagram. But you might know him as Sam Dezz.

He was born on December 5, 2001, about a year and two months older than Brooke. The two began dating in 2020 and are still together.

5. Brooke Monk Is a Middle Child

Brooke Monk is a middle child of five siblings—Blaize, Brett, Bryanna, Breanne, and Aydra.

Audra is a dancer, and you might also recognize her from Brooke’s 2020 merch announcement. So, Sam Dezz isn’t the only creative person in Brooke Monk’s life!

Of course, the little Monk sisters sometimes appear in Brooke’s videos. But if you’re a fan, you probably know that already.

6. Brooke Monk Is Incredibly Rich for Her Age

Brooke Monk

Forbes estimates that Brooke Monk’s earnings add up to about $2 million, quickly putting her on the 2023 Top Creators list. She ranked 37 on the list, behind the make-up guru Mikayla Nogueria )$7 million).

The average annual wage for someone between 20 and 24 is a mere $38,324.

Not everyone has 30+ million followers on TikTok, a merch store, and many partnership deals (Blackbough Swim, Celsius, MVMT, etc.).

7. Young Brooke Monk Had a “Secret” Tip for Becoming Internet Famous

Brooke Monk created her TikTok account in 2019, and it grew incredibly quickly. Think 16 million followers in just two years!

So, how did the influencer become so successful at a young age?

At 18, she told CNBC that her “secret” for creating popular TikTok content is being relatable, even if just in the most mundane stuff. Authenticity and sticking to one’s style (even for sponsored posts) also seemed essential to her.

Monk also said that her main aim when she joined TikTok was never to become famous. Instead, she genuinely enjoyed creating content and interacting with people online.

I suppose that loving what you do does help you go further in your job!

Brooke Monk: Quick Bio

Brooke Monk

Before you go, here’s a quick overview of Brooke Monk’s bio:

  • Birthdate: January 31, 2003
  • Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Residence: Los Angeles, California
  • Education: Homeschooled
  • Profession: Content creator (lip-syncing, dancing, vlogging, and skit videos)
  • YouTube: @brookemonk (mainly for posting YouTube shorts)

Final Thoughts

Despite being in her early 20s, Brooke Monk attracted a massive following, landed a few endorsement deals, and launched her merch line.

Where do you think Monk will go from here?

Images source: Instagram

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