Has Marie Osmond Gotten Plastic Surgery? Why the Actress Is Aging Quite Beautifully?

by Laura C. Jones

There’s no question that Marie Osmond is a woman who ages like fine wine. In 2019, she even received the title of “Timeless Beauty” from the Hollywood Beauty Awards.

However, was her appearance all-natural, or did Marie Osmond undergo plastic surgery over the years?

Let’s look at the famous singer and actress’s beautification journey. Read on for a deep dive into her tips for staying beautiful!

Who Is Marie Osmond?

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is an American singer who has been in the entertainment industry for five decades. You may know her best for singing Paper Roses, Meet Me In Montana, and I’m Leaving It (All) Up to You.

Of course, that’s not all Marie accomplished in her career. Aside from singing, she’s also an actress, talk show host, dancer, author, and entrepreneur.

Marie Osmond appeared in the TV series Donny and Marie, Almost Perfect, and Maybe This Time. She has three New York Times Bestselling books and co-founded the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Her dedication to her career has led her to raise over seven billion dollars for charity!

Marie Osmond’s Childhood

Marie Osmond

Even though she’s booming now, Marie Osmond didn’t have the best childhood. She was born on October 13, 1959, in Ogden, Utah, with eight siblings.

Marie Osmond said that she was sexually abused by adult men when she was eight to nine years old. This caused her to have body issues growing up.

On top of this, producers on her shows shamed her for being fat, saying she was an embarrassment to her family. She was also constantly starved during her stint in Dancing With the Stars.

Marie Osmond was diagnosed with body dysmorphia during this time. Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition where a person constantly worries about flaws.

Marie Osmonds Plastic Surgery Journey

Marie Osmond

Image source: Pinterest

People can get critical when it comes to how public figures look. Nobody knows this more than Marie Osmond.

As someone who has faced abuse and body shaming for her looks, it’s only fitting to want to feel confident through a little medical help. Marie Osmond believes that if it makes you happy, go for it!

Here’s a deep dive into Marie Osmond’s plastic surgery journey.

1. Laser Tightening

Marie Osmond prefers non-invasive cosmetic procedures like Fraxel lasers. Fraxel laser is a treatment that removes hyperpigmentation, acne, and fine lines.

It works by peeling the top layer of the skin and exposing the healthy skin underneath. Moreover, Fraxel laser tightens the skin and removes wrinkles.

Sadly, it does have side effects. Marie Osmond says recovery is brutal. She recounted when she felt embarrassed to go on stage even after ten days of healing.

2. Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery

Marie Osmond never admitted to doing a brow lift. Yet, experts believe she had surgery on her eyebrows and eyelids to look fresh and energetic.

According to Dr. Adam Hamawy, Osmond’s eyebrows look fuller, indicating a brow lift and botox.

3. Cheek Lift and Fillers

Other doctors also suggest that Marie Osmond likely got fillers in her cheeks and lips. This is because she maintained good volume and contour in these areas.

Closer Weekly reveals the possibility of Osmond getting a minor facelift and nose job sometime in the past. Her face went from heart-shaped to a more masculine square.

Do note that Marie Osmond’s spokesperson denies these claims and says Osmond is too busy for beauty procedures.

4. Breast Surgery

Marie Osmond admitted to having breast reduction surgery in 2013. She initially had an E cup, which she inherited from her mother.

Unfortunately, large breasts can affect a person’s posture. Marie Osmond underwent the procedure to alleviate her back pain.

Does Marie Osmond Wear Makeup?

Yes. You won’t catch Marie Osmond without makeup!

Marie Osmond jokingly explains that she looks like her brother, Donny Osmond, if she doesn’t wear makeup.

What Are Marie Osmond’s Tips for a Youthful Appearance?

Marie Osmond

Image source: Pinterest

Here are a few tips from Marie Osmond on maintaining a youthful appearance!

  • Keep Hydrated: The famous singer recommends drinking plenty of water. Plus, it’s best to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks!
  • Use Good Cosmetics: Treat good quality cosmetics as an investment. Marie Osmond is a part owner of MD Complete Skincare, a dermatologist-approved topical product.
  • Maintain a Beauty Regimen: Marie Osmond says you should always wash your face to remove makeup residues. Doing so can lessen the likelihood of face sagging.
  • Eat Healthily: Osmond mentions that your food choices contribute to your appearance. She eats a healthy diet of oatmeal, blueberries, and yogurt because of this.
  • Be Confident: Confidence can take years off of your face. As Marie Osmond explains, she’s happy and blessed, and that’s all that matters!

What Do Fans Think About Marie Osmond’s Plastic Surgery?

According to Statista, the US has the highest number of cosmetic procedures and surgeons worldwide.

Despite this, many still criticize Marie Osmond for undergoing plastic surgery. Fans accused her of being vain. Some say she messed up her beautiful face with too many facelifts.

Where Is Marie Osmond Now?

Marie Osmond

Image source: Google

Today, Marie Osmond is 64 years old and still beautiful! She now has eight grandchildren whom she adores.

One of her recent projects is a partnership with Nutrisystem. She promotes weight loss plans for women aged 55 and above through this project.

Marie Osmond teaches that we should always maintain our values and be kind to each other. Even though she has received so much criticism about her looks, she’s positively influenced women!


Marie Osmond struggled with body dysmorphia from a young age. Yet, she overcame her mental struggles and now lives happily by helping others around her.

Plastic surgery may have contributed to her good looks. However, she has the right to feel confident in her body. No amount of criticism can faze her.

She’s truly an inspirational woman who’s beautiful inside and out!

Images source: Instagram

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