Indiana Hawke: Ethan Hawke’s Youngest, Shares a Close Bond with Her Half-Siblings in Hollywood

by Laura C. Jones

Ethan Hawkes’s youngest child, Indiana Hawke, came to the world in July 2011. As close as Ethan is with his children, Indiana rarely appears with her father in any pictures and she’s usually kept away from the public eye. So, what do we know about her?

Who is Indiana Hawke?

Indiana was born into a celebrity-packed family. Her father is Ethan Hawke; a famous actor, director, and writer, and her mother is Ryan Hawk; an actress and producer. 

Hawke, the youngest in the actor’s family, bears the name Indiana, which translates to “Land of the Indians” or “Land of Indians.”

Indiana Hawke’s Family

Indiana Hawke’s Family

Indiana has an elder sister, Clementine Jean Hawke, who was born in July 2008. This makes her 3 years older than Indiana. 

Indiana Hawke has an extended part of her family. She has two half-siblings; Maya Hawke and Levon Roan Thurman Hawke, who are Ethan Hawke’s children from his ex-wife, Uma Thurman.

Maya Hawke, her eldest half-sister, has also become an actress, like their parents. Maya is also a singer and she fell into her mother’s footsteps and became a model. She was featured in many fashion brand campaigns, including Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein.

Maya is best known for her role as Robin Buckley in the hit Netflix Original series Stranger Things. She also got to act alongside her father in the Showtime limited series The Good Lord Bird in 2020. 

Ethan Hawke’s Relationship with His Family

Ethan Hawke’s Relationship with His Family

As you can tell, Ethan Hawke has always been a family man. No matter how important his work is for him, he never let it come between him and his family. 

Ethan and Ryan Hawke managed to create a close-knit family where their daughters would always be surrounded by their parent’s unconditional love and endless support. 

They figured out that the key to their family’s happiness is to keep it away from the public’s eye. That’s why you won’t find much news about Ethan’s family, especially the younger children who prefer to stay away from the lights and cameras for now. 

As for Indiana’s half-siblings, they’re also pretty close to each other. Their father, Ethan Hawke, usually mentions how all of his children get along well and how much they enjoy spending quality time together. 

Indiana Hawke’s Net Worth 

Indiana Hawke’s Net Worth 

Since Indiana is only 12 years old, she’s still considered a minor. She isn’t old enough yet to manage her finances and have any sources of income or own properties and assets. This means that she relies on her parents for financial support.

However, Indiana Hawke is living a luxurious life as the daughter of a well-known successful celebrity. Her father, Ethan Hawke, has an estimated net worth of 55 million dollars

In a Nutshell

Although many members of her family are well-known celebrities, Indiana Hawke was fortunate enough to grow up away from the paparazzi cameras. 

Her family managed to successfully protect her privacy until she grows up and decides for herself what career path she’d like to take.

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