The Fuss With LeBron James’ Hair Transplant

by Laura C. Jones

It’s pretty obvious that King James did something to his hair, so now the good citizens of the Internet won’t stop talking about it.

It’s inevitable. I’m talking about both the receding hairline and people noticing it. Sadly, people can be incredibly mean about it. It’s no wonder people would rather spend a fortune on hair treatment and transplants to save face.

So, do you think LeBron James’ hair transplant was worth it? Here’s what we think:

The Fuss About LeBron James’ Hair Transplant

LeBron James started experiencing hair loss in his early 20s, which is quite early. We first noticed this around 2008, when he was only 24, and kept on in the succeeding years.

People were speculating whether he got a transplant or simply applied hair fibers, but the latter seems out of the question considering his active lifestyle. Albeit effective, hair fibers need frequent touch-ups, which we believe LeBron James doesn’t really have the time for.

Additionally, even the most expensive hair-building fibers are vulnerable to excessive sweating. Knowing LeBron James’ intense workout routines, a transplant seems like a more feasible scenario.

Besides the bushier crown, people also pointed out a visible horizontal scar behind his ear. People say that it’s a surgery scar, but it was actually from an incident in one of his basketball practices.

However, in a video during a Lakers game in 2019, the cameraman caught fellow baller Anthony Davis calling LeBron James’ attention about his hair falling out. James then proceeded to fix it in the middle of the game.

So, maybe it wasn’t a hair transplant after all?

We have nothing to confirm which procedure King James underwent to restore his glorious locks. So, instead of speculating, how about we just sit and admire his new hair?

What LeBron James Thinks About His Hair

More important than public opinion is what the King himself thinks about his hair.

He’s made jokes about balding, even comparing it to the bottom of Reese’s peanut butter cup with a patch of the chocolate coat missing.

Sometimes, he’d post videos on social media when he was hanging out with teammates. He once remarked that it wasn’t fair that Dwyane Wade still got to grow a full head of hair while he was balding.

He keeps the topic as light as possible, although it’s apparent that receding hairline and balding do bother him, which is why he’s trying different ways to re-grow it.

Not that it’s a cause for insecurity for someone like LeBron James. However, being constantly in the scrutinizing gaze of the public, looking good is somehow part of the job.

Then again, he can afford the treatments, so I don’t really see the fuss here.

What’s Even More Important Than Hair

LeBron James is cool about the public, making fun of his thinning hair. He even rides along with the jokes, sometimes initiating them himself.

He acknowledges the reality of aging, but not to the point of being offended by every mention of it. Why would he be bothered, though, when he’s arguably one of the best athletes of all time?

LeBron James couldn’t care less about snarky comments. If it does hurt him, he’s just going to wipe his tears off with a few bills from his billion-dollar net worth.

What’s even more amazing is that he’s still able to win NBA championships, MVP and All-Star MVP awards, as well as two Olympic gold medals, even with his hair problems getting in the way.


Hair problems are common to both men and women, rich and poor alike. Somehow, this reminds us that deep inside, even legends are just ordinary humans like us who have their fair share of hair loss and receding hairlines.

So, LeBron James’ hair transplant shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It’s not to pinpoint their “defects” but to realize that they’re real people with everyday problems just like everyone else. Okay, maybe with more money than us, but still, they deserve to enjoy their private lives, and we, the public, could learn to respect that.

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