How to High Five on Peloton? A Simple Tutorial

by Laura C. Jones

Encouragements and cheers during workouts and sporting events are extremely essential. In fact, some studies even found that motivation can actually improve your athletic output and performance!

These actions can be as simple as giving a high five to a fellow cyclist during a cycling session on Peloton. To help you with that, here’s a brief guide that shows you how to high five on Peloton. Let’s jump right in!

What Is Peloton High Five?

A high five is a simple form of greeting, encouragement, or celebration where two people slap their open palms together while raising their arms, and Peloton’s high five is simply just that, but virtual.

Peloton is a company that offers workout machines and virtual workout sessions for a monthly subscription fee.

This service is built with many features, including live and on-demand classes, leaderboards, and a highly interactive platform where participants can send each other a “virtual high five”.

How to Perform a High Five on Peloton

Now that you know more about the Peloton high five, here’s how to perform while following a Peloton session.

In addition to being able to give someone a high five in live classes, you can also do it in an on-demand class, and in this section, I’ll walk you through both!

In Live Sessions

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To give someone a high five on a live session, all you have to do is navigate to the leaderboard on your screen. There you’ll find a list of all participants and their scores.

To give someone a high five, simply tap on their usernames, and they’ll receive a notification that you sent them a high five. It’s that easy!

In On-Demand Sessions

Unlike live sessions where participants are working out at the same time as you, on-demand sessions are pre-recorded ones. For that reason, it doesn’t make much sense to give those who aren’t there a high five.

However, Peloton’s interface is designed so that you can filter the leaderboard so that it can only include those who are exercising in the same session as you.

To access this, choose the “Here Now” leaderboard instead of the “All Time” one and scroll down until you find the person you want to high five, then tap their username just like in live classes!


How Do You Know If You Receive a High Five from Someone?

When another Peloton user taps your username on the leaderboard, whether it’s in live or on-demand classes, you’ll receive a notification that will show up in the bottom left of your screen.

If you want to high five them back, you don’t have to search for their username on the leaderboard. Instead, you can simply tap the notification, and they’ll receive it right away.

Can You Only Make a Peloton High Five on the Machine?

Luckily, you don’t have to be on the Peloton machine in order to send or receive high fives. This is because you can actually access the Peloton leaderboards through your smartphone app.

Similar to the machine, all you need to send a high five on the app is to tap the username on the leaderboard or choose “Here Now” for on-demand sessions.

Who Can You Give a High Five on Peloton?

Technically, you’re able to send and receive high fives from just about any participant on the Peloton platform. In fact, you can even send high fives to the instructors and they can send you ones back!

Do You Have to Pay Any Extra Fees for the Feature?

While Peloton services themselves require paying a monthly fee, including the services on their smartphone app, the internal features of their services will always include high fives.

In other words, you don’t have to pay any extra fees for Peloton high fives whether you’re subscribed to an app membership or an all access membership.

Can Someone Spam High Fives on Peloton?

High fives are an excellent motivation while running but too many high fives can be a little distracting, especially if you’re taking the workout seriously.

To avoid spamming issues, Peloton set the high five systems so that you can only give each person one high five per minute.

Final Thoughts

That concludes this quick tutorial that shows you everything you need to know on how to high five on Peloton.

While it’s a simple feature, it really helps in making your workout much more interactive and rewarding.

As you can see, the virtual high five feature is available in virtually all sorts of classes, and you can even send and receive on using the app!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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