William Huckleberry Paisley: Might He Follow in the Footsteps of His Parents, Brad and Kimberly?

by Laura C. Jones

William Huckleberry ‘Huck’ Paisley is the son of country singer-songwriter Brad Douglas Paisley and Hollywood actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley. His parents got the inspiration for his name from Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn as a reference to the spirit of independence and adventure they hoped he’d embody.

16 years later, it’s clear he’s grown to be everything his parents envisioned and more!

Let’s get to know more about this outgoing and ambitious young man.

Meet William Huckleberry Paisley

William Huckleberry Paisley, or ‘Huck’ as his friends and family call him, was born on February 22, 2007, in the ‘Music City’ Nashville, Tennessee. This young Pisces is already showing signs of interest in acting and country music, probably taking after his parents, Brad and Kimberly Paisley.

The 16-year-old has short brown hair and brown eyes. He weighs around 120 pounds and stands at around 5 feet 5 inches.

Family Life


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William is the first son of American actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley and country singer-songwriter Brad Douglas Paisley. His younger brother, Jasper Warren Paisley, was born in April 2009.

Despite having celebrity parents with super busy schedules, both boys still enjoy plenty of quality time with their parents. Yet, Brad and Kimberley are keen on keeping their sons out of the spotlight and as far away from the media’s attention as possible.

Neither mom nor dad has ever posted pictures of their boys on their social media accounts. This is in spite of the fact that both Kimberly and Brad have a strong online presence on almost all social media platforms.

I should also mention that Paisley’s are known for their philanthropic efforts and are avid supporters of their community. One way they’re lending a hand is by co-founding a non-profit organization in 2020 called ‘The Store.’

The name may not be that creative, but the meaning behind it has touched thousands of lives since the store opened. ‘The Store is a free-referral-based grocery store that aims to empower low-income individuals and families in the Nashville area.

They’ve even gotten their two sons, William and Jasper, to help out. The boys are responsible for stocking the shelves and have even been known to leave chalk art in the book nook kids’ section their mother designed.

Father Brad Douglas Paisley

Father Brad Douglas Paisley

William’s father, Brad, was born on October 28, 1972, in Glen Dale, West Virginia. The famous country music singer-songwriter has released 11 albums as of the date of this post.

All of his 11 albums have been certified as Gold or better by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His unique talents in songwriting and showmanship have won him multiple awards, such as two American Music Awards, three Grammy Awards, 14 Country Music Association Awards, and 14 Academy of Country Music Awards.

He’s a member of the Grand Ole Opry, which is considered the best-ever achievement of any country music singer. Brad has written 21 of his 24 number-one hits, and in 2008, he became the first artist to achieve 10 consecutive Billboard Country Airplay number-one singles.

Brad is also a published author. His first book, “Jug Fishing for Greazy and Other Brad Paisley Fishing Stories,” came out in 2003. He was able to publish his second book eight years later and called it “Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me.”



William’s mother was born in September 1971 in Rye, New York. She’s an actress, director, and film producer.

She first became interested in entertainment when she was in high school and even joined the drama club, like her son. She performed in various roles at her school and local theater. But it wasn’t until 1990, a year after she graduated from high school, that she made her debut TV appearance in an adventure-comedy sitcom called “ABC Afterschool Specials.”

Kimberly went on to star in the sports movie We Are Marshall, the comedy movie The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, and the comedy series “According to Jim.”

Yet, her most memorable role has to be playing Annie Banks in the 1991 movie Father of the Bride opposite Steve Martin. She was also in the sequel that came out four years later, Father of the Bride Part II.

Kimberly has been nominated for eight awards and has won four, including two Sedona International Film Festival Awards and two Heartland International Film Festival Awards.

Early Life and Education

Early Life

From a young age, William has shown a keen interest in country music. It seems he may very well follow in his father’s footsteps.

At the same time, he’s also shown interest in his mother’s chosen path, aka acting. Ever since he started high school in 2021, he’s been a member of the drama club at his school.

As of this post, William is currently a high school junior who’s doing quite well in school and has a broad range of interests. Yet, it remains to be seen whether he’ll go on to pursue a college degree.

Hobbies and Interests

I mentioned above that William has a broad range of fun pursuits

In addition to his interest in acting and country music, William is very much into sports. He plays soccer, basketball, and even table tennis. He’s also an animal lover, which is probably why he feels at ease on his family’s ranch in Nashville.

In his spare time, William enjoys watching movies. Some of his favorite actors include Johnny Depp and Emma Watson. So, it’s no surprise that his all-time favorite films are Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter.

Net Worth

Since William is still a 16-year-old junior in high school, he currently has no net worth of his own. All I can report on is his parent’s net worth.

His father’s wealth is estimated to be over $120 million, whereas his mother’s net worth is reported to be more than $10 million.

Final Thoughts

Having two successful parents doesn’t seem to faze William Huckleberry Paisley. He’s a grounded, all-round great young man who isn’t too keen on being in the limelight. Instead, he leaves that to his superstar dad and Hollywood actress mom, and prefers to lead a private life away from the hustle and bustle of the media.

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