Why Sustainability Is So Important For Businesses?

by Laura C. Jones

Climate change and its impact on the world have been a major news story for decades. However, in recent years, we’ve seen a push for governments and businesses to do more to tackle the impact of our carbon emissions on the environment.

Activists such as Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough have already used their platforms to explain the detrimental fallout of our actions on the planet. And with the last seven years being the warmest on record according to the World Meteorological Organization, we need to be aware of the steps we can take to reduce climate change in order to slow and halt the warming process.

There is pressure on companies to think more sustainably. Here’s a look at why considering sustainability is important for businesses.

Why be sustainable?

Introducing policies and strategies that help companies to reduce emissions is beneficial not only for the environment, but for the company itself. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Attractive to potential employees

It’s been a tough few years for many businesses and sectors. As the world continues to right itself after the pandemic, in order to obtain better financial and support policies, some investors will consider opening a company in Dubai (UAE); and many employees have used this time to reflect, they are considering their options, looking to move into different jobs and even careers.

As a business, you want to attract these talented individuals – and to do that, you need to appeal to what they want. Climate change is a very real issue, and workers and future colleagues are prioritizing the actions and ethics of prospective employers as part of their job search. If you’re sustainable, you’re more likely to turn their heads.

2. Brand awareness and reputation

As well as attracting talent, you’re more likely to gain a reputation for being a business or brand that is thinking long-term. The younger members of the population – Generation Z in particular – are more likely to be tuned into the ethics of a company and how green it is. These young people will know product or services by reputation if they see that you’re leading the way in terms of carbon offsetting, for example.

3. Increase profits

As well as having a great reputation, thinking sustainably is likely to make you money. People are more likely to actively seek out sustainable businesses and spend more there than anywhere else. From the packaging you use to the initiatives within your business, if you’re working hard to be sustainable, customers will choose you over other, less green-thinking brands.

Industries that are already making a difference

There are plenty of big names that are already pledging to offset carbon emissions. Apple, for instance, has committed to becoming 100% carbon neutral across its products and supply chain by 2030.

It’s not just major tech companies that are making this move. Dale McElveen, general manager of Milwaukee Tool UK & Ireland, said: “Contractors require equipment that supports them in meeting client carbon emission targets as the industry moves towards net-zero, while ensuring they deliver their projects safely, on budget, and on time.

“Our new range is designed to help businesses meet these priorities with a zero-emission operation, low running costs, and reduced vibration exposure.”

So, whatever sector you operate in, now is the time to focus on sustainability in your business.

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