What To Look For In A Vaporizer?

by Laura C. Jones

Vaporizers are becoming hugely popular among cannabis users, partly because they are a healthier way of consuming marijuana and secondly because they are so easy to use.

Vaping can be done with or without THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that makes you feel high.

The most common reason people give for vaping over smoking is that you don’t have to worry about any of the carcinogens created when smoking cannabis. Instead, you have an easy way to inhale all the helpful cannabinoids and flavonoids as a vapor which is less harmful than smoking weed.

If vaping is new to you and you’re not sure which device is best for you, you’re in the right place. This guide will look at the main features you should look at when buying a vaporizer.

Vaporizers come in two main types, those designed for use with dry herbs and those used with cannabis extracts. While they are intended to be used with different kinds of cannabis products, they both have the same aim, to make it easier and healthier to get that cannabis goodness into your system.

Temperature Control

Most vapes, like those from Lookah, will have some form of temperature control.

Many vapes will have a number of preset temperatures, which generally cover a large enough range to suit most. However, some vapes have finer control, with the temperature being adjusted in 10 or 5-degree or fewer increments.

Being able to adjust the temperature is important. It gives you control to enjoy the different flavors and release all the cannabinoids present in your vape concentrate or marijuana dry herb.

Terpenes are the chemicals that deliver the aroma of the plant, while cannabinoids provide the medical and psychoactive components of cannabis.

As the different cannabinoids and terpenes have varying boiling points controlling the temperature, you can enjoy the different flavors presented by terpenes and release all the cannabinoids without any being burnt up and going to waste.


A good quality vaporizer should be durable, and so it won’t break easily.

It needs to be able to withstand daily use and be hard-wearing.

The battery life is also very important, and it should last for a good amount of time, covering several sessions. You don’t want to have to keep charging the device or have it constantly run out of power on you when you’re out and want to vape.

So when choosing a vape, pick one that has a larger battery size. Then you know it will last you longer and won’t require charging so often.

You will find most vapes come with a charging lead and have an LED light or screen that will alert you when your battery is getting low and requires a charge.

Here are some tips to help extend your vapes battery life:

  • When you are not using it, switch it off.
  • Avoid overcharging the batteries.
  • Keep the vape battery away from the cold.
  • Keep the vape battery mod clean.
  • Don’t leave the device unused for long periods.


Another critical aspect to look for in a good vaporizer is portability. Yes, some vaporizers, such as the Volcano, are designed to be used at home. But even this larger desktop vaporizer isn’t too bulky that you can’t put it in a bag and take it to a friend’s for a vape session.

Most vapes are designed as handheld portable devices for use on the go,

Being able to carry the vape anywhere you go allows you to vape when out and about discreetly. This is perfect for medical cannabis users who may need to vape throughout the day, as using a vape allows them to do it discreetly away from home.

Ease of use

Whether it’s a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrate vape pen, it should not be complicated to use.

With just a few steps, you should be able to load your concentrate, turn the device on, and get vaping almost immediately.

The Ice Cream dries herb vape from Lookah with its magnetic top and preheat mode is a perfect example. It’s quick and easy to load the ground herb into the chamber. Then once turned on, the device will heat to the preset temperature for 30 to 60 seconds, and once heated, it will vibrate. Then the vape will maintain the set temperature, allowing you up to 240 seconds to inhale and enjoy all the tasty vapor.

It is almost effortless, and many Lookah concentrate vapes are easier still.

Consistent vapor and flavor

Producing consistent vapor is the hallmark of a good vaporizer.

By maintaining good airflow and regulated temperature when using the vaporizer, the flavor should be consistent.

This allows you to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors from your dry herb or concentrates in a way that smoking a joint, using a bong, or taking a hit from a dab rig can’t match. Most people who try smoking after vaping will find the flavor is much diminished and not as enjoyable.


You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer to get a good vaping experience.

Remember what’s important: temperature control, durability, portability, ease of use, and consistent vapor and flavor.

If you keep this in mind when looking for your next vape, you can’t go wrong and are bound to select the device that meets all your needs and offers flavorful vaping.

Finally, please note that the use of cannabis and related items is subject to the relevant local laws.

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