Six Tips to Get Rid of Headaches When You Move Office

by Laura C. Jones

People who are planning to move for the first time can be stressful for them. On top of that, if the relocation is for an office, it becomes more challenging. Not only do you need to transfer your office supplies, desks, chairs, and conference tables, but also you need to make your employees know where you are moving.

Hiring a professional Commercial Moving company is the best option when you are thinking of office relocation. They can handle everything without you worrying about it. Try to look for the best movers in your area, get a moving quote from them and decide whose service you want to take it.

In this article, I am going to share six tips on how you can get rid of headaches and stay at ease when you move your office.

Plan Early

Planning early is the key. Give yourself at least three months to create a plan for the move. Check what needs to be moved and what needs to be eliminated. You can’t burden yourself with extra items which shouldn’t be moved. Try to donate unnecessary items which you don’t need or that you can buy once again at your new place.

Many charities accept donations of large furniture; you can donate them after contacting them early before your move. The same thing goes for electronic appliances; you can also donate them to your neighbors.

An advance plan is often very effective when it comes to moving. You can also take suggestions way before the move from your mover to make the process an efficient and pleasant one.

Visit the new office location

Try to visit the new location before moving your items. When you have a clear idea about the new space, you will better coordinate what items to keep in what locations. Have a solid plan on where exactly your items should be placed after you unload your things. The key is to plan and prepare ahead of time.

Have the floor plan beforehand

Use your floor plan as a guide. Once you have the floor plan, you can keep your furniture in places where you need it. You can locate the physical spaces and make

sure what furniture you need to buy and what not. Here, you do not end up buying extra furniture you don’t need, and thus it becomes much more efficient to utilize space.

Change your office’s address and digital address to the new one

Change the office’s physical and digital address way before the moving time. You can also put a disclaimer online to your customers so that they are aware of the address change. This makes things much more efficient.

Plan for coverage during the move

When you are planning to take services from a moving company, ensure the insurance of all your items. Getting a quote and insurance ready is a smart thing to do for every relocation. For an office move, insurance coverage is a must. It puts you in a safe place and also you can be less stressed as everything would be taken care of by the moving company.

Move the non-essentials at first

List all the items that are non-essential and essential. Move the non-essentials first to reduce downtime during the move. Label all the boxes and bins to cut your unpacking hassles.

Make spaces for keeping your items

Try to make spaces for storing furniture, cupboards, kitchen facilities, filing cabinets, and fittings before your move. Files and storage can take up huge amounts of space, and your team should be ready so that it does not stress them out during the move.

Take help from your employees

Taking advice from your staff is a great way to enhance the productivity of your office relocation. Not only will they encourage your office’s better well-being but they would also help you generate efficiency and savings for your company.

You can engage your staff on how your new space would look like. They may come up with great ideas and solutions which can make your new office look lucrative in a cost-effective way.

Starting from planning and designing your new office space, they will also guide and help you in the whole office relocation. They would also feel they are an asset to the office itself, which can boost their morale and add value to your organization.

Time your relocation right

To reduce stress, try to move at the right time of the year. During the winter or Christmas time, which is the busiest time of the year, considering a moving company is a bad idea.

Now of the year, movers can charge you a lot as the demand is high. Hence, you should choose the off-season instead. This can save you a lot of money as well as make a move an efficient one.

You can also try to move after office hours or on weekends to reduce the downtime of your office activity.

Seek guidance from a professional mover

Try to take some inside advice from professional movers near you. After having an idea, you can summarize exactly what to expect. Expert opinion matters when it comes to moving your office from one location to the other.

In conclusion

we can say that moving is not that easy, but some professional movers can make your move an easy and comfortable one. But, if you want things organized, plan way ahead to make things easier for you.

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