3 Ways Social Media Can Impact Relationships

by Laura C. Jones

Social media is the coolest invention of the 21st century as far as youth is concerned. The best part of social media is efficient communication and ultimately faster responses. Social media can make a difference between saving a life and destroying one.

This has been a recurring theme around social media for a while. Furthermore, there are several ways social media can wreak havoc in lives as opposed to doing good. However, the same social media under discussion offers multiple ways to better one’s relationships or ruin them.

Dynamics of Social Media

Being online opens you up to a world of criticism, ridicule, and disrespect. On that note, there are several ways social media can help build careers. Registering online and hoping to find hot Russian brides is a wonderful move. Using Facebook and other social media pages can work wonders too, but the downside can be fatal. Here are a few ways social media can impact relationships and how to go about enjoying or mitigating them.

Addictive Behavior

Anything done in excess can lead to addictive behavior, regardless of how good it seems at first. The worst form of online dating is not being social at all. This is a common occurrence on social media platforms too. The idea that these media are meant to make us more sociable is a hoax. Some folks join online dating pages to meet new people and avoid the hassles of bars and clubs.

Folks thus become addicted to being online as opposed to the physical world. There are instances whereby conversations with a real, live person become non-existent because one partner is constantly online. This is an issue of social media that is particularly hard to address.

Anti-Social Behavior

Meeting people online makes for great mingling and flirting while coming out of the closet for some. When certain people get online, they meet their worst possible enemies. This is because not everyone is open to LGBTQs or anything remotely different for that matter. Once someone experiences such ridicule, any relationships offline are affected. If indeed they had made progress and come out of the closet, for instance, it might get harder moving forward.


Gone are the days when courting ladies, flirting with them using love letters, and chasing them down the street was cool. It is almost risky to chase down a lady for fear of being called a pervert. The worst-case scenario is bombarding her with messages and getting called out for harassment. Simple and instant gratification comes from presets and buttons allowing you to decide who’s who online.

It means most relationships will end up being artificial. Even as you find those luscious hot Russian brides online, there will be a few missing elements. Relationships work best with strengths and weaknesses out in the open. Knowing that your pickup lines are lame is okay. Knowing that she isn’t much of a talker is even better. Social media, however, hides these elements. It makes for extremely fake relationships moving forward.

Bottom Line

Make room for those hot Russian babes using modern dating sites but tread carefully even as you flirt and plan to meet. The best relationships from days past were built on ridiculousness, plenty of late nights writing love letters, and conjuring up pickup lines. Social media promises to be your best friend or worst enemy if you cannot decipher what is real, and apply where necessary.

Everything requires moderation and the same applies to social media and its application in relationships. Good luck registering on dating platforms, and happy hunting for your new soulmate.

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