365 Notes Jar Messages Ideas for a Whole Year of Romance

by Laura C. Jones

A jar of heartfelt messages is a priceless and romantic gift that will make your partner’s heart and stomach flutter. Give it during your anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even on a random day to show that every day reminds you of them.

To prepare your gift, you only need to write notes on small pieces of paper and place them inside a jar. Leave it to us to give you 365 notes jar message ideas!

January: New Beginnings and Mutual Understanding

The year’s first month is after the Roman god Janus, the god of all beginnings. It’s just fitting to write to your partner about new beginnings and mutual understanding in your relationship at this time:

  • I can’t wait to start my future with you.
  • I’m excited to start a new chapter with you.
  • Looking forward to spending 365 wonderful days with you.
  • My new chapter in life begins with you.
  • There’s no one else who gets me like you.
  • You’re the most understanding person I know.
  • Thank you for understanding me through my most challenging times.

February: Love and Mutual Understanding

Your partner should feel ultimately special during the most romantic month of the year. Shower your partner with sweet messages in this season of love:

  • I love you just the way you are.
  • Remember that we always love each other.
  • I love you always, in all ways.
  • I am ready to love you eternally.
  • I miss you the moment you’re out of my sight.
  • I wish I could see you every day.
  • Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you.

March: Encouraged

How important are words of encouragement? According to a study, encouraging expressions can affect the brain and change visual attention.

Prepare your loved one’s daily dose of encouraging messages through these examples:

  • You got this! I’m proud of you!
  • I believe in you! Keep going, my love.
  • You’re one step closer to your dream. Way to go, superstar!
  • You’re getting there! Just hang on to your dreams.
  • You can weather this storm because you have me.
  • I’ll always be here to cheer you on.
  • You don’t realize how much potential you have in yourself.

April: Trust

They say, “The best proof of love is trust.” Let your partner know that you value trust by writing these words:

  • I trust you with all my heart.
  • I trust and respect your decisions in life.
  • I trust that you love me just as I love you.
  • I have total trust that our relationship will last a lifetime.
  • Trust that our life together will be beautiful.
  • I trust that our love will see us through.
  • Trust me to love you even in your darkest days.

May: Honesty

Show your special someone how much you value honesty in the relationship through these messages:

  • I’ll always listen to your honest opinion. Promise I won’t judge.
  • All I have for you are honest feelings.
  • I’ll always be that person who’d listen to you without judgment.
  • I love how honest we can be with each other.
  • Remember, you can always tell me anything.
  • I love how I can easily tell you my story without hesitation.
  • Your honesty amazes me.

June: Faithfulness

Here are some words to show your partner that your heart belongs only to them:

  • My heart only belongs to you.
  • I have eyes that will only look at you for the rest of my life.
  • No other person can make me feel the way you do.
  • You’ll always have me by your side.
  • I’m forever yours.
  • You’re the only person I can love this much.
  • My heart only beats for you.

July: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is essential to a lasting relationship. Make your significant other feel that you are open about forgiveness by writing these notes:

  • I forgive you for what you said when we were both angry.
  • Your past doesn’t define you.
  • Can you forgive me for not always being there by your side?
  • I’m always ready to forgive you because I love you.
  • My love for you is greater than your flaws.
  • I can never stay mad at you for a long time.
  • I can never go to bed angry at you.

August: Respect

One of the greatest expressions of love is respect. Here are some ways you can tell your partner you respect them:

  • I respect you because I love you; I love you because I respect you.
  • I respect your choices because I love you.
  • My respect for you grows each day.
  • I will always respect your privacy.
  • I’ll always respect your opinion, even if it’s different from mine.
  • I respect your family and friends because they’re important to you.
  • Let’s continue fostering mutual respect in our relationship.

September: Acceptance

Are you willing to accept your partner’s good, bad, and ugly?

This month’s theme is acceptance. Here are some ways to say it:

  • You have accepted me even at my worst. Thank you, my love.
  • I would accept your past, even if it were flawed, because I love you.
  • I accept all that you are and all that you do.
  • I’m willing to work with our differences.
  • You always make me feel loved and accepted.
  • Thank you for accepting who I am and what I am.
  • I know I’m difficult to accept, but you still did. I love you, honey.

October: Appreciation

This time of the year is dedicated to offering meanings of appreciation to your partner. Here are some ideas:

  • I appreciate everything that you do for me.
  • I love how you make my coffee in the morning. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Thank you for all that you do.
  • You’re my greatest treasure.
  • You’re the best that’s ever happened in my life!
  • I love how you remember the little details in my life.
  • You always make things bearable.

November: Gratitude

Remember to be grateful that you have someone who makes life better. Write them these messages to let them know how thankful you are to have them:

  • There’s not a day that I’m not grateful for your existence.
  • Thank you for being my ride-or-die.
  • I will forever be grateful for your unconditional love.
  • Thankful that you are here by my side.
  • Thank you for helping me reach my dreams. I love you.
  • I’m grateful to have a loving and supporting partner like you.
  • Thank you for believing in me when no one did.

December: Support

Show your support for your special someone during the most wonderful time of the year with these messages:

  • I’ll support you every step of the way.
  • Whatever you do, I’ll always be here to support you.
  • I’ll be your rock when you need one.
  • You can always count on me.
  • Know that I’ll be with you through thick or thin.
  • I’ll always be your number-one fan.
  • I know you’ll make it big someday. I got you!


With these 365 notes jar message ideas, you’ll end up with a memorable gift you can give to your significant other.

It’s a genuine gesture of your love and devotion, which they can forever treasure.

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