Lana Del Rey Nose: Mystery Revealed

by Laura C. Jones

Ah, the beautiful Lana Del Rey. Not only is she the queen of making dreamy, melancholic music but also of making us ugly cry into our pillows. The 37-year-old indie-rock singer/songwriter is famous for her enchanting voice and her unique ethereal beauty.

Starting with Video Games, Lana went on to make more captivating music. This includes the famous songs Summertime Sadness, Born to Die, and the Great Gatsby-inspired song; Young and Beautiful.

Speaking of young and beautiful, it’s common for most celebrities nowadays to undergo plastic surgery, with nose jobs being the most popular operation. This is why Lana Del Rey’s nose has been a topic of discussion among fans for many years now.

Many people believe that her nose looks different in the past than it does now, while others believe it’s perfectly natural and unchanged.

This begs the question; is Lana Del Rey’s nose real? Let’s find out!

Did Lana Del Rey Get a Nose Job?

It was never confirmed anywhere that Lana Del Rey has had a nose job. So, we had to dig deep, I mean really deep, to find out if the rumors were true. We went through all the theories and evidence presented by both her adoring fans and her raging haters’.

After what felt like 10,000 tweets, endless subreddits, and a million before and after photos, it seems that the evidence proved the rumors true! A lot of people, including plastic surgeons, noticed Lana’s nose looking a little different from the before photos.

Sure, we all look different from when we were younger, but this isn’t really the case here. When we looked at the singer’s before photos, we couldn’t help but notice that she had a considerably larger, rounder nose. She also had a cute little bump on her nasal bone.

In her recent photos, her nose appears to be slimmer, sharper, and overall smaller. Additionally, the bump on her nasal bone had disappeared. This leads us and millions of others to believe that the singer has undergone rhinoplasty.

What Are Lana’s Comments on the Rumors?

Although it’s quite obvious that Lana’s nose looks considerably different, the singer denies having any plastic surgery done in her lifetime.

In one interview, she says “I haven’t had anything done at all. Anyone who’s known me will tell you that. I’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery.”

The singer went on to say, “I didn’t sign up to be famous, I just wanted to sing. It’s so annoying, but what am I going to do?” in response to the rumors.

Well, what can we say? Ultimately, it’s up to her whether or not she wants to broadcast her potential altercations to the public. This doesn’t diminish her musical talents, which are nothing short of extraordinary!


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What Else Looks Different About Lana Del Rey Now?

As we previously mentioned, the singer asserts that she hasn’t had any work done. However, aside from her nose, there are a few tiny differences that have caught our attention.

Although they aren’t considered to be significant changes, they’re nonetheless worth mentioning! Here are four things we suspect Lana Del Rey has had work on.

1. Her Lips

Right after her nose, Lana’s lips were by far the most talked about!

The singer is famously known for her full, pouty lips, which are noticeable in all of her newer photos. However, if you look at old photos, you’ll see that Lana’s lips were in fact thinner.

As much as we’d love to believe Lana, luscious lips don’t just magically appear overnight! This leads us to believe the artist has had lip fillers. Some experts even argue that she might’ve used a permanent lip filler, such as Silikon 1000.

2. Her Eyebrows

As most people can see, Lana Del Rey has beautiful, highly arched brows. However, if you take a look at an old photo, you’ll notice that her eyebrows were slightly more straight and less arched.

Although most people don’t think she has had a surgical brow lift, they still believe she had a Botox brow lift to raise the tails of her brows.

3. Her Eyelids

In Lana’s old photos, you can see that her eyelids are slightly sunken in and a little wrinkled. In newer photos, you can hardly find any wrinkles in her eye area at all.

Keep in mind that she’s almost 40. Technically speaking, it would be a miracle to be wrinkle-free at this age, especially around the eyes.

There are so many things that can be done to get rid of eye wrinkles, one of which is the brow lift we previously discussed. However, we suspect that she may have had Restylane injected both under her eyes and into her eyelids.

4. Her Cheeks

Lana’s cheeks have a gentle curvature rather than an angular shape. To be completely fair, she did lose weight at the start of her career and may have fluctuated in weight ever since. As a result, the cheeks may get somewhat of a sunken shape.

Because Lana’s cheeks look so full, some experts argue that she may have put some fat into them to make up for the hollowness they had after losing weight.

Final Thoughts

No source confirms whether Lana Del Rey’s nose is real or not, or whether she has undergone any other cosmetic surgery. However, there are some significant changes between the singer’s old and new photos. We can see evident changes in her nose, lips, eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks.

At the end of the day, whether Lana’s had plastic surgery or not doesn’t change the fact that she makes incredible music that’ll always hit us right in the feels!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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