Is Noah Reid’s Sexual Orientation a Mystery?

by Laura C. Jones

Is Noah Reid gay? Oh, the curiosity of the human mind! Let’s set sail on a whimsical adventure through the enigmatic world of Noah Reid, filled with laughter, speculation, and unexpected love stories. Buckle up, folks, as we embark on a thrilling ride of gossip and romance!

Why do people think Noah Reid is gay?


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 Well, Noah Reid’s portrayal of Patrick Brewer in the beloved TV series “Schitt’s Creek” undoubtedly plays a significant role in fueling these rumors. His on-screen chemistry with Dan Levy’s character, David Rose, is nothing short of magical. The heartfelt moments they share and the undeniable connection they exude have captivated audiences worldwide. It’s no wonder people question if their on-screen romance transcends into real life.

Adding to the intrigue is Noah Reid’s involvement in LGBTQ+ advocacy. He has been a passionate supporter of inclusivity, love, and acceptance for all. His unwavering commitment to these causes has only fueled the speculation about his own sexual orientation.

Is Noah Reid Gay In Real Life?


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But here’s the twist: In real life, Noah Reid is happily married to a wonderful woman named Clare. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is not only an amazing actor but also a committed husband. Cue the collective sighs of disappointment and playful exclamations of “I guess we can still dream!”

However, it’s essential to separate fiction from reality. Just because an actor portrays a character with a specific sexual orientation doesn’t automatically reflect their own personal preferences. Acting is all about stepping into someone else’s shoes, after all!

Noah Reid himself has addressed these rumors with his trademark humor, stating, “I’m flattered that people are invested in my personal life, but I can confirm that I’m happily married to my lovely wife. So, sorry to disappoint all those who had hopes of being my on-screen or off-screen love interest!”

Noah Reid sealed his love and commitment to his longtime partner, Clare Stone, with a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2020. The news of their engagement broke on the final day of 2019 when Noah shared their photo on Instagram, declaring they were “roommates for life.”

On the picturesque date of July 25, 2020, the couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony by the shores of Lake Huron. A captivating image captured the heartfelt moment, with Noah captioning it, “A wedding by Clare and Noah 25.07.2020,” as they shared a tender kiss.

To further dispel any doubts about their union, Noah took to social media to celebrate his wife’s birthday with a romantic message. He affectionately referred to her as his wife and roommate, expressing immeasurable love and gratitude for who she is.

Continuing to share their joyous moments, on February 14, 2022, Noah posted another picture of Clare on his Instagram, showcasing their enduring love and partnership.


So, dear readers, let’s revel in the joy and humor that Noah Reid’s personal life brings. Let’s embrace the quirks, celebrate the unexpected, and cherish the love stories that make us smile. After all, whether Noah Reid is gay, straight, or somewhere in between becomes inconsequential compared to the laughter and happiness he has found in his life’s journey.

In the end, it’s the genuine connections, the heartwarming tales, and the laughter-filled adventures that truly matter. So, let’s raise a toast to Noah Reid, the enigmatic entertainer who continues to captivate us with his talent and leave us with a smile on our faces. Cheers to the delightful mysteries of love, laughter, and the ever-enthralling world of Noah Reid!

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