How to Write an English Assignment?

by Laura C. Jones

Staring at a blank page knowing you have an assignment due can be daunting. The clock’s ticking, the deadline is getting closer, and you need to come up with something good!

Don’t write off an English assignment as simply a creative venture. Sure, you need to get that left brain active and in motion, but that’s not all it takes. Having a correct methodical approach to your work will help you nail every paper you need to write.

Let’s go over the entire writing process to teach you the best tips and tricks for writing a top-notch paper!


The writing process starts before you ever put pen to paper or, more accurately, before you even open your writing file.

There’s quite some work to do prior to even forming your opening sentence.

If you are already anxious at this step, which is the mere beginning, you might want to give writing services a try, and even buy custom essays online.

Have a plan

The due date is not something to be easily overlooked. Your assignment can be the best there is, but it won’t be worth much if it isn’t submitted on time.

Time management can be a pretty crucial thing when it comes to successfully finishing any type of project. Don’t try to squeeze in everything at once. Make a schedule and stick to it!

It’s best to have a schedule that allows you to focus on work for a certain amount of time and allows for breaks. Make sure to include rest time – it will make you more productive, not just in terms of finishing the project at hand, but for future academic endeavors, too!

A common time-management method is the Pomodoro Technique, which splits up work into 25 minutes intervals, broken up by 5-10 minute breaks.

It may take a while to find your preferred rhythm, but once you’re in tune, there’ll be no stopping you.

Do Your Research

Before you write on something, you must truly comprehend the topic in question.

Read the title you’ve been given. Read it multiple times if you have to; there’s no shame in reading it more than once. When you feel like you’ve grasped what the assignment is, you can go on to thoroughly do your research.

This is the most important step, and possibly the most demanding, so make sure to take it seriously.

Create a Basic Outline

Create the basic structure your work will follow, including an introduction, your main argument, and a conclusion. This means putting down the relevant headings, as well as taking note of where the information you’ve gathered will go.

Your outline is a basic draft, so don’t worry too much about having everything polished right away. Looking at an organized structure will help you arrange your thoughts and figure out how you’ll move forward.

Beginning Your Writing

Now you’re ready to actually start writing. While you can let your creativity run wild, there are still certain rules to writing an assignment you should follow.

Mind Your Tone

When it comes to assignments, you want to put a metaphorical blazer on and use your essay voice! This isn’t a rant to a friend! Make sure any information you include is presented in a clear, neutral, and unbiased manner.

Support Your Claims

This is a serious assignment, so don’t make things up. Your arguments should be based on and supported by evidence you’ve found in your research. Always make sure to have a reliable source for your claims.

Answer the Question

Remember that assignment title you were supposed to understand? You may have understood the question at hand, but has your text provided the necessary information to answer it?

By the time someone’s read your essay, they should walk away, having been given a resolving answer to the problem the title poses.

Finishing up – The Final Touches

Once all the writing is done, you can’t submit your assignment straight away. Even professional writing needs proofreads and edits – your work is no exception!

What can you do to polish your English assignment?

Cut the Fat

Reread your work. Make sure everything is legible, coherent, and flows well together.

One section should move smoothly into the next. The assignment should be a natural progression and exploration of arguments to reach your conclusion.

You can fix your wording, and cut out any unnecessary writing. Don’t be afraid to edit down your text! The quality of the text supersedes quantity!

Check Your Spelling

It’s non-negotiable that you proofread an assignment before submitting it. Again, this is also a step you may want to repeat multiple times.

Spelling checks can always be made easier with the use of technology, as many apps will inform you of grammatical errors, and may even suggest better wording.

Cite sources

Remember all those sources you got your reading from – I hope you do! No one will take your assignment seriously without source citations.

Make sure you gather information from sources that are authoritative and trustworthy on the subject matter that you can confidently list.

The Verdict

As much as writing is an art, it’s also a skill – and a skill you can improve!

Follow all the steps, and you should have no problem creating an informed and well-written English assignment before your next due date!

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