How to Start a Funeral Home Business: 5 Pieces of Advice to Follow

by Laura C. Jones

Funeral homes offer funeral services and make it simple for people to say their last goodbyes to loved ones. This includes burial, cremation, or memorial services for the deceased. The funeral director must also be capable of handling all aspects of the funeral.

This could include everything from ordering food and drinks for the reception to placing the obituary in a newspaper and ordering flowers for the church. These tasks may also include transport management and picking up the body from the hospital.

Running a funeral home requires a lot of time and energy, as it can sometimes be an emotionally draining process. However, if this is your call, you can make things easier by setting up your funeral home on a strong foundation, to prevent issues in the future. Here’s how to do it.

Create a Business Plan

Every business requires a solid business plan, no matter its size, or the industry where it’ll operate. As an owner, you’ll present that business plan in front of investors in order to get financial help. Your funeral home business plan will include every detail related to your upcoming business, starting from the name, your annual goals, as well as the strategy you plan on using in order to reach these goals. There are over 23 thousand funeral homes in the US alone, making this a competitive industry.

In the past, creating a business plan required a lot of time, energy, and precision, as every little detail had to be checked twice. Today, you can easily create a solid plan on your own by downloading an online template. Hiring a professional is another option that you can consider, as the business plan will be crafted quickly and efficiently.

Run a Legal Business

run a legal business

As with any business, funeral homes will require certain licenses and permits. These documents can vary depending on your location, so make sure you contact a local attorney and discuss this beforehand. You’ll save yourself the trouble of dealing with legalities when you should focus on running your business efficiently.

In general, every funeral home requires a business license and filing for a tax number. Once you get over with the paperwork, make sure you follow any law changes and accommodate your business if necessary.

Find the Right Location

Before you choose the right location for your funeral home, there are some things to keep in mind. The first is to ensure that your clients can reach the location. You should choose a location that can accommodate your future expansion plans and your current needs. Often, funeral homes are located near cemeteries and crematoriums, so that the process may go without holdbacks.

In addition, consider the cost of the property and decide whether to rent it or purchase it. If you plan on renting a place, know that the size of the property can be big, and so will the rent. You’ll probably need to make some renovations as well. Those are the main reasons why owners decide to purchase a property. One last option is to buy an existing funeral home and make some minor changes. This will help you save a lot of money and you’ll open up your business sooner.

Find the Right Marketing Strategy

Running a funeral home is a sensitive job, so not every marketing strategy will work. You need to pay close attention to the tone of voice you use and what content you’ll share with potential clients. After all, your clientele is someone who recently lost a loved one and is trying to say their farewells.

Make sure you advertise yourself in newspapers and magazines and consider using paid online advertisements so that people can reach you. Register your business in online directories, so that people can find you if they look for funeral homes online. Consider creating a website that you will, later on, optimize for better results, and make sure you include contact information where people can reach you.

Provide Good Customer Service

Providing good customer service is crucial for any business. It is especially important for a funeral home, which deals with the most difficult times of people’s lives. You need to have empathy for your clients, and you’ll have to remain calm and supportive throughout some of their toughest times. Give your clients suggestions, and always give them time to consider their options.

Bottom Line

Running a funeral home is a hard, but rewarding job. You’re helping people go through hard times, and with your services, you’re making the process easier for them. By following the tips given in this article, you’ll be able to set up and run your funeral home successfully on solid grounds.

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