How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: When and How to Do it?

by Laura C. Jones

Love is beautiful but breakups can be horrible, leaving you devastated and wishing you never met her. The good thing is that sometimes even broken relationships can be mended. So, if you miss your ex-girlfriend and would like to start things over with her, it’s possible to get her back. This article gives you useful tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

15 Things to Say to Your Ex-Girlfriend to Get Her Back

For your ex-girlfriend to be convinced to give you another chance, you have to say the right things to her. Here are some effective lines that you can draw inspiration from as you endeavor to get your girl back.

1.   “How Are You Doing?”

Before you say anything else to her, it’s important to show her that you still care about her. After being staying away from each other for some time, it’s only fair that you ask her about her well-being. This shows that you have good intentions and that you are still thinking about her.

It will also help to break the ice between the two of you and set the stage for a further chat. If she responds positively to the question, then you have something good to hope for. From then on, you should continue to talk to her regularly until she shows interest to talk to you.

2.   “I Would Like to Mend My Ways”

If you are the reason why the relationship didn’t work, you should start by convincing her that you are willing to mend your behavior. It’s also important to let her know how remorseful you are for what happened. She will also be happy to hear that you want to protect her and make her feel loved again.

3.   “I Am Sorry”

Saying sorry to your ex-girlfriend doesn’t make you look weak. Instead, it shows how sincere you are. Even if she is to blame for the breakup, own the mistake. If you wronged her, make this statement an honest apology.

4.   “I Respect How You Feel”

Most women want to feel wanted. Therefore, if you broke up because you were flirting with other women casually, let her know you respect her feelings. You also have to convince her that you understand her likes and dislikes. She needs to know that she tops your priority list.

5.   “I Would Like to Give You More Space”

Most relationships end because one partner wants to control the other. It’s important to respect each other’s space. So, if you want her back, you have to let her know that you are ready to respect her space and let her be her own boss. This shows her that you’ve realized your mistakes.

6.   “I Will Give You Freedom of Choice”

Giving your girlfriend the freedom to make her own choices is an important way to improve your relationship. Just because she is in a relationship doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice everyone else. So, let her know that if she gives you another chance you are ready to give her the freedom to choose what’s best for her.

7.   “I Will Make Things Right for Us”

Let her know that after analyzing the highs and lows of your relationship, you have realized your mistakes and are now willing to make things right. This gives her a sense of validation and an assurance that things will be different if she comes back to you.

8.   “I’m Still Thinking About You”

This is to let her know that you still have feelings for her and haven’t forgotten about her. It also lets her know that you miss her. So, don’t beat around the bush; just be direct.

9.   “I miss You”

This may seem like an inconsequential statement but its impact on a woman who used to love and care for you is unimaginable. It is the best statement to appeal to her emotions. If she was secretly yearning for this statement from you, she will respond to it almost immediately.

10. “If I Were in Your Position, I Would Have Reacted the Same Way”

This statement is meant to make her understand that you’ve realized your mistakes. It is also another way of telling her that you know you hurt her by going overboard. This will convince her that things will be different if she comes back.

11. “No One Can Replace You”

When you are making this statement, don’t use it to show that you are yearning for her. Instead, say it casually, emphasizing her humbleness and kind heart. You can even remind her of all the great things you like about her. She needs to know that she is the best woman in your eyes.

12. “I Want Our Love to Last Forever”

If your relationship ended because of your infidelity, let her know you are willing to change your ways for the sake of your relationship.

13. “Can We Start Over?”

This statement lets her know that you are willing to give your relationship another try. There’s nothing wrong with starting over. The fact that it didn’t work out in the past doesn’t mean it won’t work this time. Just make her feel wanted and appreciated.

14. “I’m Still in Love with You”

It’s not wrong to express your feelings to the woman you love. If you truly love her, you will let her know before it’s too late. Maybe these are the exact words she is waiting to hear from you. It’s a simple statement that will capture the attention of every woman.

15. “Do You Remember… (Any Happy Moment)”

Reminding her of the good times you had together is a perfect way to trigger her emotions. For instance, you can remind her of how you met for the first time and how you both stared at each other. By reminiscing the good times, you will be able to rekindle the lost love.

6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex-Girlfriend

There are many things you should never say to your ex-girlfriend when you are trying to win her back. Here are some of the things you should never say to your ex-girlfriend.

things you should never say to your ex girlfriend

1. Beg Her Back

Don’t ever say anything that will make your ex-girlfriend think you are begging her to get back with you because it creates the impression that you are desperate that’s why you are contacting her.

2. Don’t Talk About Your Past Relationship

Avoid discussing the past relationship with your ex-girlfriend no matter how strong the urge is to explain or seek answers to what happened. Doing so opens Pandora’s box and can be translated to mean that you are trying to force her to confront the fact that you are no longer empty.

3. Happy Birthday (During No Contact)

Wishing your ex-girlfriend happy birthday while you are still in the no-contact phase is wrong because the only response you will get from her is “thanks”. But if you’ve already started communicating again, it’s okay to wish her a happy birthday.

4. Anything That Is Said Out of Anger

If you intend to win her back, don’t let your emotions get the best of you or say anything out of anger that will start a fight with her. Doing so will only reinforce her doubts about the relationship.

5. Saying You Are Depressed Without Her

It’s a big mistake to think that your ex-girlfriend wants to take care of you. In most instances, coming off too depressed or sad pushes your ex away.

6. Telling Her the Breakup Was Her Fault

Don’t insist on making her feel guilty about the breakup because doing so will only make her want to revenge. It makes her see you as her enemy. Remember that human beings don’t take treat their enemies too kindly.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

Getting over someone you’ve spent memorable moments with is not as easy as walking out of the door. No wonder most people end up becoming depressed or start abusing drugs as a way of forgetting their exes and escaping reality.

Others will become obsessed with the idea of getting their past love back and resort to making incessant calls and sending endless texts in a bid to beg their exes to come back.

One of the most common questions that couples who have broken up ask is how long it will take to get their ex back. But as much as you would like to hook up with your ex-girlfriend again, it is important to understand that nobody can authoritatively predict how long it will take to get her back. In any case, everyone deals with disappointments and heartbreaks differently.

When some people break up, they want some time away from each other to process the whole predicament. Therefore, it’s not easy to tell when your ex-girlfriend will get over the depression phase and start thinking about what is next. If you don’t want to move on, there is a lot of work that goes into getting your ex-girlfriend back.

wait ex girlfriend

For instance, you need to analyze your past relationship with your ex critically and think hard about what led to the breakup. This will help you to understand your feelings and decide if indeed you want to give the relationship another shot. If you still want to get her back, you should start taking steps towards restoring the relationship.

As you work towards getting back together with your ex-girlfriend, you need to exercise a lot of restraint and patience. Don’t expect things to fall in place right away because there are emotions involved. Nevertheless, the time it will take to get your ex-girlfriend back largely depends on how nasty the breakup was.

For example, if it was a mutual breakup between the two of you, it is very easy for both of you to work things out. It might get to a point where you both feel like the breakup was unnecessary. In that case, you can easily come together and decide to resolve the issues that led to the breakup.

The most important thing is to make sure that the main contentious issues have been resolved before you get back together. This will help to prevent the same issues from cropping up again in the future. This is different from when one of you dumped the other.

If you are the one who initiated the breakup, you can’t just want your ex back. It’s going to be very hard to convince her to take you back because you are the one who hurt her. You would behave the same way if she is the one who dumped you. This impasse can prolong the time it takes for your ex-girlfriend to consider giving you another chance.

Things get even more complicated if you had a bitter breakup. Such breakups take an eternity to overcome because they are the climax of months or years of emotional agony and abuse. So, it will take a long time for the two of you to resolve the issues that led to the nasty breakup.

In such a situation, the most important question to ask yourself is: Am I ready and willing to forgo all the abuse and mental anguish I went through and get back with my ex-girlfriend. You also need to give your ex enough time to heal and decide whether she is ready to continue with the relationship.

So in this situation, the important question is not how long it takes to get her back, but how long it will take both of you to forgive each other and forget.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back?

It’s normal to want to know if your ex-girlfriend will ever give you another chance, especially if you believe breaking up with her was the wrong decision. Here are some of the quick signs you should look out for to know if she will come back.

  • She makes an effort to stay close to you
  • She tells you that she misses you and that she thinks the breakup was a mistake
  • You sense a lot of nostalgia in her
  • She keeps asking if you’re seeing anyone new
  • She always asks about you
  • She keeps telling you that she has changed
  • She keeps recognizing that you have changed
  • She starts getting close to your family again

However, these signs are not a guarantee that your ex-girlfriend will come back. You have to make an effort to win her over if you sincerely want her back.

In Summary

Now that you know how to get your ex-girlfriend back, don’t waste more time. Making her want you back will require patience and perseverance, but it is completely doable. With these tips, it should be very easy for you to strike a conversation with your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

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