Britney Spears Nose Job: Is It True or Just Rumors?

by Laura C. Jones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone is familiar with Britney Spears. You’ve probably seen her in interviews, on magazine covers, in her music videos, or as a guest on TV shows.

In today’s article, I’ll talk about the Britney Spears nose job rumors. We’ll find out together whether these rumors are true.

Let’s begin!

Are Britney Spears’ Nose Job Rumors True?

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight since she was a teen. We literally watched her grow up on TV. She still likes to give us a peak at her life by posting on Instagram.

With her being in the public eye constantly, it’s easy to notice any changes done to her face or figure.

One of the things the public noticed about her, is the change in her nose shape. This left some of her fans thinking that she might have had a nose job.

Choose any picture of Britney in 1999 and compare it to pictures of her in the early 2000s. You’ll notice that there’s a subtle, but noticeable change in her nose shape.

You can easily tell that her nose in the early 2000s pictures looks slimmer and more refined, but not completely different.

However, this is not the change that the public noticed. Her first nose job was done before she became widely famous all over the world.

This is what many celebrities do. They get their first plastic surgery before they become really famous to avoid getting caught. In this case, they can just get away with saying they just grew up.

Fast forward to her pictures in 2015 and after, you can see a difference in her nose. It looks slightly thinner and a bit more refined. That shows that she could’ve had a second rhinoplasty.

Here’s when people started noticing the difference in her nose.

What Does Britney Spears Think of the Nose Job Rumors?

The pop singer is very open about her cosmetic procedures. However, she’s never confirmed having a nose job or getting anything done close to her nose.

In 2015, Britney got called out for looking way different on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. Many commented on social media that they almost didn’t recognize her.

She didn’t respond to any of those accusations. Though, an insider told TMZ it was just heavy contouring, and not even digital retouching.

While she confirmed none of the nose job rumors, experts believe she’s had two rhinoplasties at least. She’s considered among the most successful celebrity cases of rhinoplasty.

She didn’t change a lot about her nose. Instead, she only made subtle changes to it, and that’s how a nose job should be done.

Did Britney Spears Have Breast Augmentation?

Yes, Britney Spears had breast augmentation surgery when she was younger. The singer denied those accusations for a long time. However, her mom confirmed the rumors in an interview.

I don’t think that the star really had a word in this. Her mom admitted that they made her undergo this surgery because they thought that stars of her age at that time should have things like that done.

Britney Spears later regretted going through with this surgery. She actually hadn’t stopped growing when she got her breast implants.

That’s why Britney, later on, decided to remove her breast implants when her natural breasts became larger. It’s really wonderful to see her taking steps to further her health.

Recently, the pop singer admitted that she almost had a breast augmentation in a post on her Instagram that has been removed. She opened up about being insecure about her small boobs.

The star was never used to having a smaller breast size. She said that she’s lost weight, and that’s the reason why her bust size is smaller.


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She admitted that her insecurities go back to the fact that she’s been abused by her father her whole life. He used to comment negatively on her body.

However, the singer backed out of having breast implants as she didn’t like the service in the clinic. So, she left and never went back there.

What Other Cosmetic Surgeries Did Britney Spears Have?

Let’s just all agree that Britney Spears is naturally pretty. Her older pictures prove that.

However, like most celebrities, she wants to stay looking young for as long as she can. She also likes to follow some trends.

This means that she’s done Botox to her face and fillers too. Again, she’s been very subtle with all this.

It looks like she started her Botox journey in her early 30s. She obviously injects Botox into her upper face area.

Her forehead and frown lines are smooth. It’s a good sign of a well-performed Botox injection.

As for her lips and cheeks, it’s certain that she’s had injections of filler in them. Comparing pictures of her in her 20s and then in her 30s, you can notice that her lips look a bit plumed up.

Not dramatically plumbed, but again, a very subtle difference. The same goes for her cheeks. In her 30s, you can tell that her cheeks look a lot fuller and lifted.

britney spears 30s

Britney Spears arriving at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards at the LA Live on August 28, 2011

Britney has also had some kind of brow lift before. When comparing pictures of her 2000 MTV performance to pictures of her in 1999, you can see the difference.

What Does Britney Spears Think of Botox and Fillers?

The pop star said multiple times that she’s never against cosmetic procedures. In fact, she admitted to getting filler injections and eyebrow lifts.

She confirmed in an interview with Instyle in 2013 that she sees a plastic surgeon from time to time. She also said that he does some fun stuff to her sometimes, referring to Botox and lip injections.

The Verdict

It’s easy to notice that Britney Spears has had some work done to her face. These aren’t rumors, but rather facts. She confirmed most of them already.

She has no shame in her game and we’re loving it. I like how her plastic surgeon does minimal work for her.

Honestly, I never thought that she needed to have anything done. But, if it makes her happy, then all the B Armies are happy too.

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