Agnes Wilson: H.E.R.’s Mother, Signer of Daughter’s First Contract at 14, Accompanying to Grammy Stage

by Laura C. Jones

Everyone is probably familiar with H.E.R., the Academy Award winner and five-time Grammy winner. But do you know anything about the great woman behind her, Agnes Wilson?

Agnes Wilson is H.E.R.’s mother, and while she’s mostly known thanks to her daughter’s fame, she deserves plenty of fame on her own for her remarkable support and great personality.

Here’s everything we know about Agnes Wilson and her great dedication to her daughter’s musical career.

Who Is Agnes Wilson?


Agnes Wilson was born on the 2nd of May 1973 in the Philippines, particularly in Cabanatuan City. She has both American and Filipino backgrounds, and she’s been living in Vallejo, California with her husband Kenny Wilson since their marriage. However, they’re now divorced, although not much is known about the divorce. 

Apparently, H.E.R. was born into an artistic family because her father was a musician. He even had a band at some point. She once mentioned that she used to learn from the band as they rehearsed in their house.

Together with Kenny, Agnes gave birth to two kids: H.E.R., whose birthname is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, and Alex Wilson, her younger sister. A little is known about Alex, which is only natural since she’s away from the spotlight and doesn’t have a strong social media presence.

Agnes supposedly attended Vallejo High School, and after her graduation, she joined Napa Valley College. After that, she went on to work as a nurse. According to rumors, she currently works at Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

The Personal Life of Agnes Wilson

The Personal Life of Agnes Wilson

H.E.R.’s Father

Although she’s been living in the US for the larger part of her life, Agnes Wilson was born in the Philippines. However, her parents migrated to the States when she was young, and she spent her childhood in California.

It’s not known when exactly she met her husband, Kenny Wilson, but they supposedly dated for a while before getting married. Kenny was a talented musician then, which is what attracted Agnes to him. By the time he met Agnes, he was already the leading member of a well-established band.

In 1997, Kenny and Agnes welcomed their first child, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, who’s now better known as H.E.R. It’s said that Kenny is the one who inspired Gabriella to become a musician, and she even mentioned that he would let her join in the band recording sessions.

As a result of that, Gabriella pursued a musical career so early in her life. She famously played the piano for Alicia Keys when she was only twelve years old, and she earned her first contract when she was only fourteen years old.

Agnes Wilson and Her Daughter


Agnes Wilson appeared for the first time under the spotlight in 2021, when she attended the Grammy Awards with her daughter. Gabriella also received her share of fame that year when she later won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Gabriella has always talked about her great relationship with her mother and how she’d always supported her musical career. Apparently, Agnes believed in her from a young age, and at 14, she allowed her to sign the Sony Entertainment contract that kick-started her career.

Gabriella later went on to collaborate with Chris Brown on Come Through, and she earned her Academy Award for Fight for You from the movie Judas And The Black Messiah.

Final Thoughts

Although many people are fans of H.E.R. and familiar with her songs, only a few people know her mother, Agnes Wilson.

Agnes is the main pillar of support behind H.E.R.’s career, and she appeared with her daughter in the Grammys ceremony in 2021. She started supporting her from a young age and even let her sign her first contract at 14 years old.

Agnes is from a Filipino background, but she’s been living in the US for most of her life. It’s not clear whether she and her husband are still together, but rumors are that they’re currently divorced.

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