Battle Begins: What Episode Does Naruto Fight Sasuke?

by Laura C. Jones

In the popular Japanese comic series, Naruto, the main character, has to fight many battles in his quest for approval from peers and in order to become the Hokage, a Japanese village leader. One of the main antagonists that Naruto has to fight is Sasuke, who belongs to a notorious ninja family, Uchiha Clan. But what episode does Naruto fight Sasuke? Continue reading to find out.

When Does Naruto Fight Sasuke?

In 2005, a sequel of the original Naruto series dubbed Naruto: Shippuden was launched in Japan in the year 2007. The sequel has 500 episodes, all of which were aired on TV Tokyo between 2007 and 2017. Therefore, if you want to watch all fights between Naruto and Sasuke, you have to watch the two Naruto series because both of them have episodes in which the two characters battle it out.

Of these fights, two are the most ferocious, with some of the encounters helping both fighters to grow significantly. As the fight progresses, the two fighters are forced to surpass their limits with Naruto turning himself into a one-tailed being while Sasuke unleashes his Sharingan with a third tomoe.

It is also important to acknowledge that their final fight was the most remarkable as they had grown to become the two dominant shinobi in the world. Both fighters bring every weapon in their arsenal to the fight, beating each other to a pulp and turning the valley into a crater.

Naruto vs Sasuke in Naruto

The original Naruto series has 220 episodes, all of which were aired in the Japanese language. In this series, Naruto fights Sasuke in two episodes: 107 and 128.

Episode 107 – The Battle Begins

In this episode, the battle between Naruto and Sasuke occurs when Naruto visits Sasuke in the hospital where he is admitted after he sustained serious injuries from the Land of Tea. As Sasuke is recovering in hospital, Shikamaru gets promoted to chunin by Tsunade. Later on, Tsunade performs surgery on Rock Lee.

The injuries have rendered Sasuke completely weak, leaving him unable to defeat his brother Itachi. He also resents the fact that Naruto is growing stronger. In a desperate move to show his strength, Sasuke challenges Naruto to about when he visits him at the hospital.

Naruto accepts the challenge, and the two go to the roof where they exchange a series of blows, with Naruto forming his Rasengan as Sasuke organizes his Chidori. Then they charge forward towards each other, with Sakura yelling at them to stop. This battle culminates in perhaps the best ten minutes of the episode since the Tsunade arc.

The fight includes some amazing scenes of hand-to-hand combat between Naruto and Sasuke, which is not very common. It is also important to note the nerve-wracking buildup to the fight between the two. By the time Sasuke challenges Naruto to a fight, you can feel the tension just watching the scenes.

Episode 128–A Cry on Deaf Ears

In this episode, Naruto asks Sasuke if he wants to turn his back on all of his associates in Konoha just to become stronger. Unfortunately, he answers in the affirmative and starts to leave, enraging Naruto. But Naruto is determined to bring Sasuke back to his senses and ensure he stays in Konoha.

So he grabs Sasuke and delivers a resounding punch. But Sasuke doesn’t appear shaken or even hurt by the punch. He just spits out blood onto the face of Naruto with a lot of contempt. This action seems to strengthen Naruto’s resolve to do everything in his power to make sure Sasuke doesn’t leave Konoha.

In retaliation, Sasuke grabs Naruto by the shirt and lifts him high. He then punches Naruto so hard that he pushes him a few meters back. The punch, which is powered by Sasuke’s Cursed Seal, seems to inflict more pain than Naruto’s punches. As Naruto attempts to attack Sasuke, he is kicked back into the water and ends up losing one of his weapon bags.

Naruto also attempts to create some shadow clones to attack Sasuke, but they are easily destroyed by Sasuke. He further tries to throw shuriken from far away, but Sasuke uses his exceptional skills to escape the attack. Sasuke then uses the wire strings he obtains from Naruto’s weapon bag to trap and tie Naruto to a rock skillfully. He also lights up the wires with flames, baking Naruto with a gust of fire.

Naruto vs Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is an epic show that appears to be a great improvement from the original series. With Shippuden, everything changes right from the beginning. From its tone to the drama and emotions, Naruto Shippuden offers the best flashbacks. In this series, Naruto and Sasuke battle it out in three episodes.

Episode 215 – Two Fates

In this episode, Naruto appears to save Kakashi from Sasuke who wants to kill him. Naruto tries to persuade Sasuke to give up on his mission, promising to rescue him from any trouble. But Sasuke smirks, claiming that he doesn’t need to be rescued. He also swears to destroy Konoha for mistreating the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke also claims that he wants to destroy villagers who are always condescending and laughing at him. Naruto reveals to Sasuke that he knows everything about his brother Itachi and his plans. But Sasuke dismisses Naruto telling that he can’t understand how he feels about his brother because he doesn’t have siblings or parents.

Sasuke also reveals that he is the one who killed Danzo, a respected village elder, for the Uchiha Clan massacre. When Sasuke forms Chidori and starts to charge forward, Naruto creates two shadow clones in reaction. But Kakashi restrains Naruto, begging him not to engage in combat. As Kakashi attempts to take Sasuke on, she is restrained by Naruto’s shadow clone.

Then Naruto uses the other shadow clone to form his Rasengan and rushes forward towards Sasuke to engage him. But as they rush towards each other, Naruto starts to remember how he was mistreated when he was young and imagines how they could be if the roles were reversed. He also reflects on how happy he felt when he learned that Sasuke was an orphan like him.

Episode 247 – Meeting

Before the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto paints houses belonging to villagers and escapes the village when they start to complain. Several years later, Naruto meets Sasuke while in the academy and he is overpowered by him. He also notices the animosity in his eyes during one of the fighting sessions.

After that, Naruto discovers that Sasuke is the only survivor of the Uchiha Clan massacre. When the two graduate, they are put on the same team and both pass the Kakashi Hatake’s bell test. Later on, Naruto gets injured while traveling to the Land of Waves mission together with Sasuke. To survive the attack, Naruto pierces his hand to squeeze out the venom and vows to never allow himself to be saved again.

Episode 476 and 477 – The Final Battle (Valley of the End)

In this episode, Naruto and Sasuke engage in what has been regarded as the “greatest battles of all time”. Naruto is committed to saving Sasuke while Sasuke is hell-bent on killing him. In the one-hour battle, the two fighters clash to near death. Itachi (Sasuke’s brother) tries to talk sense into the two friends, explaining to them that they are brothers even though they are not related by blood.

Itachi tells Naruto that he is the only one who can put an end to Sasuke’s madness. “I’m leaving Sasuke to you”, he told Naruto. Even Lord Sage warned Naruto and Sasuke that whatever happened to both of them was solely up to them. At some point, Naruto acknowledges that although he and Sasuke are not real brothers, they can reconcile with each other.

However, Sasuke has other plans. He claims that since his brother Itachi is gone, he is truly alone, adding that he must cut Naruto down because his style of the Hokage is by cutting all bonds. Sasuke’s main intention is to be the only villain since the other five villages have already united. So, he combines all the tailed beasts that make him super powerful. Naruto, on the other hand, uses his Jutsu to survive and weaken Sasuke.

At the end of the episode, the two fighters appear completely exhausted with nothing left in their arsenals, but they continue to fight with bare fists until no one can stand up. Sasuke uses his unique Rinnegan abilities to survive Naruto’s chakra.

Does Naruto Die?

In the original Naruto series and its sequel Naruto Shippuden, the main character, Naruto, fights his way through all kinds of enemies and battles over the years. In most of these battles, he faces death but always finds a way to survive. For instance, he defeats the likes of Pain, Akatsuki, Obito Uchiha, Madara, and Kaguya.

These victories prove that he is worthy of being the seventh Hokage of Konoha and someone who could be the most divine shinobi ever. Even the Sage of the Six Paths admits that Naruto is a godly shinobi. Nevertheless, Naruto’s Jigen role seems to have been taken over by the mysterious Isshiki Otsutsuki in the latest series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. This puts Naruto in a very human position, pitting him against one of the strongest villains.

Instead of dying, Naruto endures a fate that is worse than death simply because the heartless Isshiki wants him to endure the worst mental anguish for disrupting his plans. In this series, Naruto and Sasuke find themselves fighting against Isshiki. But eventually, Sasuke teleports himself, leaving Naruto behind to fight Isshiki alone.

But instead of killing Naruto, who is trapped by Isshiki’s chakra-draining bars, Isshiki decides to spare him because killing him requires loads of chakra, which would damage Jigen’s physical frame and leave him vulnerable. Furthermore, Isshiki doesn’t want to waste chakra on Naruto because he is a strong fighter who is supported by the power of his Nine-Tails Fox.

So, Naruto no longer has powers and has been turned into an observer, just watching his family being hunted and the ninja villages getting drained. Although he is not used to being so helpless, there is nothing he can do to help. His only hope is that Sasuke will return to help other ninjas fight the enemy.

Can Naruto Get a Rinnegan?

No, Naruto can’t get a Rinnegan. All he has is a normal blue eye, one of the Three Great Eyes in him. It is the strongest eye of the three, and it is said to have been wielded by Hagoromo Otsutsuki – the Sage of Six Paths. Using this eye, Naruto can learn all types of Jutsu and gain access to mystical powers.

This blue eye also allows Naruto to have control over life and death, making him a very strong character who deserves to be the leader of the ninja village. The main reason why Naruto can’t get Rinnegan is that he doesn’t have a transplanted Sharingan and is not in the Uchiha clan.

In Summary

Since the fights between Naruto and Sasuke are quite remarkable and entertaining, this information on What episode does Naruto fight Sasuke will help you find all the episodes and scenes easily and fast. With this article, you won’t have to go through all the episodes to find the fights between the two.

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