Swiping Right: Unraveling the Mystery of ‘How Many Likes Do You Get on Tinder?’

by Laura C. Jones

The world of online dating can be a whirlwind. With apps like Tinder at the forefront of this digital romance revolution, users often wonder about the mechanics behind the ‘like’ system. 

How many likes do you get? Why’s there a cap? Can you sidestep it? And most intriguingly, is there a gender disparity in the average likes? Here’s a deep dive to quench your curiosity.

How Many Likes Do You Get On Tinder?

A critical aspect of the Tinder experience revolves around ‘liking’ or swiping right on a profile. First, let’s understand the types of accounts. Tinder offers two types of accounts: free and premium (Tinder Plus or Gold).

If you’re using the basic, free version of the app, there is indeed a limit on these likes. Specifically, you’re granted 100 likes within a 12-hour window. 

This allotment means you have 100 chances within each half-day period to express interest in others by swiping right on their profiles. After reaching your limit, you’ll be unable to continue swiping right until the 12-hour countdown ends and your likes replenish.

Why Is There A Like Limit On Tinder?

Tinder’s ‘like’ limit is not just a random choice; it’s a calculated move. Having a limit accomplishes a few things:

1. Quality Over Quantity

 By setting a limit, Tinder encourages users to be more selective, leading to more meaningful connections.

2. Reduces Bot Activity

A like limit curtails spammy behavior by bots which can flood the platform with endless likes.

3. Monetization Strategy

It’s also a way for Tinder to monetize its platform. Those desperate for more likes can upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, both of which offer unlimited liking capabilities – for a price.

How To Get Unlimited Likes On Tinder

For those who find the restriction constraining, Tinder offers the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. With these premium accounts, the world of unlimited likes opens up, allowing you to swipe right without worry. 

Alongside the freedom to like without limits, the upgrade also provides several additional perks, including the ability to connect with users worldwide through the Passport feature and the chance to undo your last swipe with the Rewind feature.

Average Tinder Likes for a Guy

average Tinder Likes for a Guy

It’s essential to note that the Tinder landscape is different for men and women when it comes to receiving likes. Typically, men tend to get fewer likes.The average guy might get around 0.5% to 2% of likes from the profiles they’ve liked. 

So, if you’ve swiped right on 100 profiles, you might get 1 to 2 matches. This trend is primarily because women generally exercise more discretion and careful consideration in their right swipes. 

However, individual results can vary significantly based on factors such as profile quality, age, location, and others.

Average Tinder Likes for a Girl

The Tinder realm is a bit more generous for females. On average, women might see a return rate of 5% to 20% on their right swipes. So, for every 100 profiles a woman likes, she might get 5 to 20 matches. 

This pattern is attributed to the tendency of men to swipe right more liberally, thereby increasing the average number of likes for female users. 

However, as with men, a woman’s specific number of likes can be affected by factors like the quality of her profile, her age, her location, and more.

Embracing The Tinder Like Limit

For users who have Tinder Gold, an additional feature, the ‘Likes You’ function, can further simplify the process of receiving likes. This feature allows you to see who has already swiped right on your profile, making potential matches more visible and easily accessible.

While the quantity of likes plays a significant role on Tinder, indiscriminate right-swiping isn’t the key to success. The app’s algorithm favors quality over quantity, meaning a reckless swiping strategy could potentially hamper your profile’s visibility.

Having a successful Tinder experience involves more than just understanding your like limit. It requires strategic usage of these likes, creating an appealing profile, and maintaining authenticity in your interactions. 

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of Tinder’s like system, including the gender-based differences in like averages, you’re better equipped to navigate the app’s waters effectively.


In the fast-paced world of Tinder, the quality of your likes is just as crucial as the quantity. So, approach the platform with a strategy and a thoughtful swiping method, because your next meaningful connection could be just a swipe away!

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