Strongest Zodiac Signs: Find Out If Yours Is One of Them

by Laura C. Jones

Someone once said “might is right,” probably because might almost always manage to win. When you think about strength or might, you may envision tallness or muscularity, but that’s not what constitutes strength in the modern world.

Today, strength or might is the ability to invent, innovate, discover, network, and make lemonade with all the lemons life throws at you. It’s your persistence, wit, and endurance. Some zodiac signs overflow with an abundance of strength while others have to work for theirs. Here’s a quick ranking of the strongest zodiac signs for you to compare.

10 Strongest Zodiac Signs

#10. Gemini (Least Powerful)


The first to make it on this list is Gemini. Gemini’s don’t slouch in the intelligence or creativity department. In fact, they’re incredibly adept at managerial tasks and working with people. They’re also skillful and resourceful.

The reason they’re here at number 10 is that while they have good capabilities, they lack any devotion or discipline. Without constant mental stimulation, Geminis can get distracted or lose interest very easily. This tends to put off people and sets Geminis years behind on the goals they want to accomplish.

#9. Pisces – Emotionally Sensitive


Pisceans are not well known for having intelligence, and they’re very emotionally volatile. It’s often a symptom of having deep passions and many unfulfilled desires. Pisceans are more about living in the moment and having fun.

They’re great at creative tasks and know how to charm people. But their lack of self-awareness or concern for their future can often be their undoing. This can make them appear weak and put them at risk of being taken advantage of.

#8. Virgo – The Analyst


Virgo belongs to the Earth element and is known for its intelligence and determination. Virgos experience a profound connection to humanity, and this makes them very attentive to details. They’re very clean, polite, articulate, and have a good work ethic.

They’re very hardworking and are invested in their careers and love lives. Sometimes, this concern for detail and proclivity to logically analyze other people and themselves can make them very self-critical.

#7. Sagittarius – The Individualist and Indeed the Most Powerful Sign


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by a mythical creature — the centaur. Sagittarians are the true free minds or free spirits of the world. They take the unbeaten path and love to explore places or ideas.

They’re strong-willed, open-minded, independent, and ridiculously driven. Sagittarians are not daunted by uncertainty; they’re natural philosophers who know how to fix problems while adapting to their surroundings. They know how to embrace change and are always full of optimism.

However, in their pursuit of truth, Sagittarians tend to say rude things to people to their faces. They have a sharp tongue, dry humor, and are known for being blunt. Though it comes off as cold and insensitive, Sagittarians often have deep and thought-out reasons for what they say or the way they say them. They’re often misunderstood.

#6. Cancer – The Protector


Cancers are known for being fiercely protective of the people they treasure. They are also stubborn and quite possessive.

They invest a tremendous amount of stock in their notions about interpersonal relationships and the values they bring. This makes them excellent at connecting with others, although their cautiousness can also be really off-putting at times. They value and respect others’ emotions and feelings and are often very compassionate.

#5. Taurus – The Nurturer


Taurus is represented by the bull, and like their celestial spirit, they’re incredibly tenacious and powerful but with a softness that helps them remain grounded. Taureans are the type of people that would prefer going to a beautiful park and taking a nap under a tree over things with action like parties, sports games, or fights.

Taureans are also very hardworking and determined. They have a sensible attitude towards life and their family. A Taurean’s greatest strength is that they know the value of both the dollar and the people in their lives. They make excellent mothers and fathers.

#4. Scorpio – The Game-changers And the Most Powerful Sign


Scorpio is arguably the most talked-about star sign. They’re complicated people, with many layers. It may take someone years to fully understand a Scorpio. The impression Scorpios tend to give off is being enigmatic and a little manipulative at times because they’re equanimous and quick-witted.

Scorpios don’t follow the herd. They stick out and try to bring their originality into everything they do, from what they wear to their sense of humor and ideation. They’re the type of people that can change the world sitting at their keyboard.

They’re very reserved, sometimes envious or resentful, and because of that, they can lack the social skills or charisma needed to move up in the world.

#3. Capricorn – The Resourceful


Capricorns are the go-getters in a society. They’re the people that don’t wait for anything or anyone and are strongly driven by their sense of survival and ambition. This can come off as cold-hearted or greedy at times, making them often misunderstood. As a result, Capricorns don’t open up much when it comes to their deepest goals or desires in life.

They can find resilience from within because they believe everything is a race or a competition, and everyone’s a competitor at the end of the day.

#2. Aries – The Innovators


Aries is the first of the twelve zodiac signs and is symbolized by a ram. Like the cardinal order of their zodiac, Aries love to be number one. They’re bold, ambitious, and audacious enough to give competition to the average Capricorn or Leo.

Aries are characterized by their innate leadership capabilities, relentless determination, and long-term visions. They can be uncomplicated and very direct in their approach. At their best, Aries know how to charm, seduce, or inspire anyone into banding with them. They’re full of optimism and confidence which makes people want to rely on them.

However, the big downside with Aries is that they’re aggressive and reckless at times. They recognize that having a methodological approach to your problems is important but don’t invest the patience necessary to achieve it

#1. Leos – The Leaders (The Most Powerful Zodiac Sign)


Leos are warmhearted to everyone they come across, in love with life, and cheerful. People with the Leo star sign are born to be leaders because of their natural charisma. They are dramatic, creative, confident in themselves — these qualities make them irresistible to others.

Leo is symbolized by the lion because Leos embody all the traits of one — they know how to impress, strike fear, and take down opponents. This aggressive drive makes them the strongest of all the zodiacs.

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