6 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2023

by Laura C. Jones

Whether you’re new to SEO or have been managing campaigns for years, the landscape of search engine optimization is constantly shifting. Having a successful online presence depends on your ability to keep up with these changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

So, if you want your site to rank well in 2023, it’s time to start prepping by avoiding common SEO mistakes that could harm your ranking potential. This blog post will break down six of the most common SEO blunders many site owners make, so you can steer clear and get closer to hitting those top spots!

Not Using an SEO Agency

The first mistake you should avoid making if you have a website or are thinking of creating a website is not using an experienced SEO agency to help you grow your website. If you don’t plan on growing your website and want to keep it relatively small, this isn’t too much of an issue.

However, if you plan on growing your website, not using an SEO agency is a big mistake. This is because an SEO agency will know exactly what you need to do to grow your website and help you avoid all of the mistakes mentioned on this list.

Not Having a Proper Backlinking Strategy

Another mistake you should definitely avoid making if you are planning on creating a website or looking to grow your website does not have a proper backlinking strategy. If you are unfamiliar with what backlinks are, backlinks are links placed on other websites that point back to your website.

Backlinks are mainly used for increasing the authority of your site as well as driving organic traffic. It’s crucial to have a proper backlinking strategy since linking to bad websites, or link farms will have a detrimental effect on your growth.

Creating Empty Content

One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid making as a website owner is creating empty content. What is empty content? Empty content is content that is created solely to hit a keyword target or to have backlinks placed within. Most importantly, empty content holds no value.

This mistake should be avoided at all costs because search engines such as Google have shifted their priorities. Now Google is rewarding websites that create engaging, interesting, and informative content that answers the questions of its users.

Not Optimizing Your Site

Another mistake you should avoid making in terms of search engine optimization is not optimizing your site. Even if you are creating the best content, you might still not be growing, and one of the reasons for this could be that your site speed is slow, which in turn will increase your bounce rate, lowering your ranking.

Of course, other things need to be done, such as keyword placement, the site’s visual design, how complicated the menus are, and if everything is organized so that it guides the user to where they need to go.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Of all the mistakes you should avoid making when performing search engine optimization targeting the wrong audience is probably one of the biggest. This is actually a mistake that many websites make, especially if they aren’t familiar with SEO.

You need to know who your target audience is since they are the ones that will be visiting your site frequently. If you target the wrong audience using the wrong keywords and creating the wrong content, you won’t gain any traction or organic traffic.

Weak Titles and Meta Descriptions

Finally, the last mistake on this list that you should avoid making would be using weak titles and bad or uninteresting meta descriptions. This is because when someone sees your website on Google, they will take a look at the title of the page, as well as the meta description, to find out whether or not it is worth even visiting.

If you use weak titles, people will simply skip to the next site on this list. If you have good titles with bad meta descriptions, it won’t give their user any idea of what they might find on the site and whether or not this site will answer their question or solve their problem.

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