Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle: Logical Answers and Explanations

by Laura C. Jones

Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks is one of the most popular riddles that are lately doing rounds of social media. Although its answer is very simple, this riddle can be very confusing at first.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fun game to kill boredom with friends and family, the Sam and Sarah riddle is a good option. Continue reading to learn more about this riddle, its logical answers, and its explanations.

What’s the Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle?

The Sam and Sarah shark riddle goes like this: “Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks: How many ‘S’ are in the sentence?” Just like in any other riddle, there is a trick in this riddle. So, even though it looks very easy, many people always get it wrong.

The answer to this riddle simply lies in how the question is framed. Therefore, before you rush to answer, you need to read the question several times and try to internalize it. Once you have internalized and understood the question, you will be able to, easily, decipher the trick.

Logical Answers to the Sam and Sarah Sharks Riddle

As mentioned above, you are supposed to identify the number of S letters in the sentence. One of the consistent answers that almost everyone seems to give is 6. This can seem logical because there are six S letters in the sentence: “Sam and Sarah Saw Seven Sharks”. However, this answer is not correct.

Many people assume that the riddle asks you to count the number of S letters in the whole sentence, but that’s incorrect. Some even believe that 7 is the correct answer because the first sentence in the riddle contains six S letters while the second sentence has one. But this is still incorrect.

Others claim that the answer is 2 because the riddle only has two S letters in uppercase (Sam and Sarah. The other S letters are in lowercase. While it is sensible to argue that the question specifically asks you to count the ‘S’ letters in the sentence, and therefore only Sam and Sarah, have the letter S in uppercase, it is important to note that the riddle has two sentences.

The first sentence is the riddle while the second sentence is the question. Therefore, the question refers to the S letters in the second sentence, not the first one. So, the correct answer is one because the word sentence in the second sentence only has one S letter.

This is one of those riddles that seem very easy and straightforward, but when you analyze it critically, you realize it is not as easy as you thought. It presents so many angles that seem correct to a layman. In fact, the more you analyze this riddle, the more puzzling it becomes.

So, the easiest way out is to just stick to the simple response where you just count the number of S letters appearing in the “sentence”. If you are looking for a way to keep your friends or relatives scratching their heads, the Sam and Sarah riddle is the best choice.

Benefits of Solving the Sam and Sarah Riddle

Riddles and puzzles are the most popular mind games in the world. They require excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. Psychologists say that riddles and puzzles are the best ways to exercise your brain.

They also help to sharpen your brain and enhance your focus, especially if you are in school or working in an environment that demands a lot of focus. So, the harder riddle, the better the results. Here are some of the benefits of solving the Sam and Sarah riddle.

Sharpening Your Analytical Skills

Since this riddle requires you to, critically, analyze the question to come up with the correct answer, you have to challenge your brain and try to analyze every possible angle. This means that you have to use what you already know to analyze the new information presented by the riddle to figure out the trick. This helps to sharpen your analytical skills and keeps your brain attentive.


This riddle has been proven to energize your mind while allowing your brain to stay active and healthy. It is also believed to have a strong connection with meditation because it allows your brain cells to relax to be able to contemplate the different scenarios. This riddle will put your mind in a kind of daze, which works the same way as meditation.

Besides, solving the Sam and Sarah shark riddle will help you to reduce stress levels, improve productivity, enhance IQ, and improve self-confidence.

Enhancing Problem-Solving Strategies

When you are solving this riddle, you are basically trying to avoid the tricks and traps laid by its writer. That way, you are forced to come up with a variety of effective thinking tactics to find the right answer. Therefore, this riddle is a perfect way to build flexibility, self-reliance, tolerance, and strengthen persistence. By successfully solving this riddle, you are able to teach yourself to come up with strategic, robust and resilient ways of solving problems.

Learning New Ways

The Sam and Sarah shark riddle is written in a way that challenges your mind and teaches you to view situations in different perspectives. It forces you to challenge the idea that there is only one right way to approaching situations. This riddle also trains you to explore different options when trying to solve a problem.

That way, you will be able to develop and enhance your creativity. You will also be able to understand situations more clearly. This riddle is written in a way that introduces the aspect of metacognition, which means being aware of your own thought processes and the patterns behind them. Therefore, it will help you to understand how you approach situations.

Mentally Active

Like many other riddles and puzzles, this Sam and Sarah shark riddle offers you a great way to keep your mind active. It trains your mind to stay engaged in different situations that require focus, patience, and deep thought. By keeping your mind active, this riddle also makes you feel energetic.

Improving Your Memory

The Sam and Sarah Shark riddle will improve your memory as it strengthens the connections between your brain cells and facilitates the formation of new ones. You need to have a sharp memory to process the information provided by the riddle. Therefore, this riddle will help to improve your short-term memory.

In Summary

Now that you understand the correct answer to the Sam Sarah shark riddle, you should challenge your mind with this and many other tricky riddles instead of spending your free time watching movies or chatting on social media.

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