How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in Jeans?(With and Without Hitting the Gym)

by Laura C. Jones

I’ll be the first to admit it: the bigger the butt, the better it looks in jeans. There’s something about a rounded, perky backside that makes denim look extra good on any body type.

While some of us aren’t naturally endowed with Kardashian-like behinds, that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Here are a few tips on making your butt look bigger in jeans so you can be super bootylicious!

How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in Jeans Without Exercise?

You’ve probably heard all the fitness models and online trainers saying you can’t make your butt look big without exercise. But, while you can’t increase your booty size without growing some glutes, no one said anything about faking it.

Here are some of our favorite tips to give the illusion of a bigger butt without doing a single squat!

Wear Heels

You’ve probably noticed how your whole posture changes when you wear heels. They put your entire body in a position that accentuates its natural curves and stretches your legs.

From the straight back and shoulders to the elongated calf muscles and rounded butt, heels are perfect for enhancing your derriere. In addition, the contrast between the long legs and engaged glutes tricks the eyes into thinking the butt is bigger.

You don’t have to go crazy, though. Six-inch heels aren’t needed to drive the point across. Just find a pair that compliments your outfit and gives you the needed booty boost.

Choose the Right Pair of Jeans

We’ve all been there, seeing a fantastic pair of jeans on someone else, then trying them on to be immediately disappointed.

Jeans are like soulmates; not everyone will have the same pair as their perfect fit. Even my sister and I, who share the exact denim size, don’t ever wear the same styles.

It’s all a matter of finding the right pair for your body type and following these simple tricks to make shopping for your next pair a breeze.

1. High-rise Or Low-rise?

high rise or low rise

I’m old enough to remember the low-rise jean craze of the early 2000s. Even though this style looked good on a select few body types, we all breathed a sigh of relief when high-rise got back in vogue.

Most people look good in high-waisted jeans for a straightforward reason: they’re more flattering to more figures!

High-rise jeans make your butt look bigger because they’re designed to cover a larger area of your back. They also create a more defined contrast between the tiny waist and the wider hips, creating the much-desired hourglass shape.

Aside from all of this, low-rise jeans hit your hips at their widest point. Not only does this annihilate your waist-to-hip ratio, but it also makes your butt look flatter and less rounded.

2. Light-Wash or Dark-Wash?

Not many people pay attention to this optical illusion in their clothing choices, but colors are a huge part of what we perceive as big or small.

You’ve probably heard that “black is slimming” from your aunt, who doesn’t wear any light-colored clothes. Well, she’s not wrong! Dark colors make things less noticeable, and so our brains are tricked into thinking they’re smaller.

On the other hand, lighter colors pop more and so make things look bigger. This is precisely why you should opt for a light-wash or even white pair of jeans to make your butt look bigger.

That said, a great trick you can use to your advantage is to wear dark wash jeans that have a faded portion down the legs and around the butt area. These double-wash or faded jeans draw attention to the areas that are lighter in color.

3. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

Pockets aren’t the main draw of a pair of jeans you want to buy, but they have a huge impact on how your butt looks in them!

If they’re placed too low where they end past the crease between your butt and thighs, they’ll make your backside look saggy and sad. If they’re too far apart with a wide gap in between, they’ll make the butt look wider and flatter.

The perfect position for them is right in the middle of each cheek. Bonus points if they’re slightly tilted inwards instead of being sewn straight, as this will accentuate the waist-to-hip ratio we mentioned earlier.

Pockets that are too big or too small won’t help with the final look, either. Shoot for something down the middle, where it covers just enough to keep things interesting.

4. Yokes, You Know?


This dawned on me the other day when I was trying on a pair of jeans that didn’t look quite right. The jeans were perfect except for this one detail; the yoke was missing!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the yoke is the seam that goes right above the pockets in the back. It usually follows the waistband and is split down the middle by the leg seam.

This seemingly minor detail has a huge role in making your butt look rounder and juicier. If it’s missing completely, the dimension it gives is gone. And in the instances the yoke is there but is sewn straight across, it can make the butt look flatter.

Go for jeans with a yoke that is slightly curved downwards. This way, it will hug your curves and make them more pronounced.

Don’t Fall for These Mistakes

These tips are super important if you don’t want your butt to be flattened beyond recognition:

  • Choose the right underwear: No granny panties! Thongs and Brazilians (cheeky panties) will allow your butt to shine a lot more.
  • Avoid heavy, non-stretch fabrics: These can squish and camouflage any butt fat, which is something you don’t want here.
  • Don’t skip the shapewear: It flattens the stomach and shapes the waist, allowing the butt to take all the attention; what’s not to like?

Use Butt-Enhancing Underwear

This tip is a life-saver if you want your butt to look good on short notice. Butt pads have been used since antiquity, becoming all the rage in the Victorian era. You know something worked when even your great-great-grandma did it!

Thankfully, you don’t need to sew and stuff your own butt pads as granny did; you can just buy them online. They’re simply pairs of underwear or shorts that have a padded area that accentuates your butt, kind of like a push-up bra for your backside.

These pads will give you the look you want without working too hard for it. However, the effect is only temporary and will be gone as soon as you take them off.

Do you know what doesn’t go away when you take your clothes off? Amazing glutes. Let’s find out how to achieve them at the gym or even at home.

How to Work Out to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in Jeans

There are some tried and true exercises that have an almost magical effect on your glutes. Following them and keeping up with regular workouts is a sure way to give yourself that juicy, plump look in any pair of jeans.

These workouts can be done at home with no equipment or at the gym with added weights to increase resistance.



Squats are the most popular workout for bigger glutes for a reason. They engage your glutes and hamstrings, targeting your lower body strength.

Whether you’re doing sumo squats, side squats, or mixing both for a fuller effect on your hips, you’ll notice the difference in your jeans after committing for a couple of months.


These might be tricky to get right at first, but lunges will develop your glutes and make them “pop” as no other exercise can.

The only downside to lunges is that they can be hard on some people’s knees. So if you have any knee problems, you might want to sit this one out.

Glute Bridges

These exercises can literally be done in bed. Glute bridges engage your core and use your body weight to push your glutes to their full potential.

Hip thrusts are a modified and more challenging version done at the gym, which adds some weights for resistance.

Kicks & Circles

These low-impact workouts can help develop your glutes without hurting your knees. Donkey kicks, straight-leg kicks, and straight-leg circles engage your glutes and hamstrings, whether done in pulses or holds.

Pair these exercises with squats and glute bridges to get the results you want.

Wrap Up

Learning how to make your butt look bigger in jeans can take any outfit from being bland to looking like a million bucks.

It’s all a matter of finding jeans that are more flattering to your body and knowing how to choose from all the options out there. Getting a little extra help in the form of shapewear or butt pads can go a long way as well.

You can also start working out to develop your glutes. Just don’t stop if you start looking for signs it’s paying off, and the changes are minor.

The truth is, small changes add up and create wonderful outcomes, like having that round, big butt you always dreamed of.

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