5 Automotive Extras for a Comfortable Ride

by Laura C. Jones

Nowadays, we aren’t just interested in reaching our destinations, we want to do so in style and comfort. It’s no wonder that the newest cars are largely marketed based on their interiors. Of course, an attractive exterior is nice, but it’s what we experience from the moment we open the car doors that matters most to us. If you spend a lot of time in your car, and who doesn’t these days, should you look at adding a few extra features? There are some fun and interesting features you can add to the ones your car’s designers already included.

1. High Ground Clearance? Make Getting in and Out Easier

High ground clearance is a must if you’re inclined to drive on rough roads. For city driving, it’s a luxury that lets you tower above the traffic. But getting in and out could be easier. The best running boards solve the problem. The coolest ones even retract under your car as soon as the door is closed, sliding out again when you open them. It’s a nifty trick that’s bound to impress, and having that leg up when getting in and out of your car will be a help. Of course, there are also simpler versions of the running board, but this idea is a winner!

2. Never Burn Your Hands on a Hot Steering Wheel Again

When the sun is beating down on your car, its interior heats up fast! As for your (usually black) steering wheel, it gets almost too hot to handle. If these “ouch” moments get you down, there’s a simple solution, and it’s cheap too. Simply get a steering wheel cover with a cooling gel inside it and put an end to those hot hands moments!

3. Because One Must Mention it: The Echo Auto

If you need entertainment or directions on long roads, fiddling with phones and touch screens is a no-no unless you pull off. But you can bring Alexa to your car with the unsurprisingly popular Echo Auto. It’s not exactly cheap, but it does add that touch of convenience. Google information on the sights you see, play the music you like – all without taking your hands off the wheel.

4. An Extra-Wide Rear View Mirror

Clip on an extra wide rearview mirror for improved visibility. Getting that wide angle is a big plus, but don’t forget to check your blind spots anyway. All the same, you’ll feel more comfortable when you can watch your back (and a bit of the verge too) through your extra-wide mirror. And it’s such a cheap extra, that there’s no real reason not to add it to your wishlist.

5. An Odor-Free Air Purifier

The smell of ordinary car deodorizers can be overpowering. Most of them simply cover the odor and don’t actually remove it, but a real air purifier that plugs into your lighter socket actually scrubs the air while you’re driving, removing all those nasty smells permanently. It’s just the thing for keeping a cramped space smelling fresh.

There’s so Much More

Looking through lists of motoring accessories is always entertaining – and you might find a few gems you absolutely want. From simple extras to high-tech add-ons, there are tons of ways to make your ride more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable without breaking the bank. Buying your first car? Celebrate by spoiling yourself to a nifty extra and be sure to show it off!

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