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Dressing like your favorite US Olympian can get expensive

Nike's U.S. Olympic gear is pretty expensive.

Nike pays a pretty penny to be the official sponsors and apparel partner of the U.S. Olympic team. There’s no question why as the brand awareness and association are probably worth it. They also can benefit from increased sales, but since Team USA gear is only in the mind of consumers once every two years, Nike and other partners must capitalize during a shorter sales cycle. The reviews on the gear — and technology of the uniforms — have been pretty solid. The only problem: if fans want to dress like U.S. olympians, they should be prepared to break the bank.

T-shirts run around $30, and hats $25. Those are relatively¬†standard prices. Then it gets a little expensive. Those sweet zip up jackets: $250. Fleece long sleeved shirts run about $150. This backpack¬†a cool $159.99 — tax not included. Nike isn’t the only company taking advantage. Ralph Lauren products were worn by Team U.S.A. during the opening ceremonies. Don’t even both to ask how much the boat shoes the athletes were wearing cost.

This isn’t a our kids cant afford to dress like their heroes commentary. It is a with such a small time frame, Nike should attempt to sell as many Team U.S.A. items as possible. The brand association with sports patriotism is amazing and consumers will have a favorable opinion of Nike after games. Why not flood the market with as much U.S. gear as possible to remind consumers of Nike’s commitment to excellence and its Olympic team. Charging higher prices is in line with Nike’s high performance brand image, but if so few people purchase the Team U.S.A. gear due to price, the brand awareness will be forgotten in a few months.

I guess it is enough that Nike gets to dress some of its competitors athletes in Nike gear. Especially if Michael Phelps — who endorses Under Armour — keeps getting photographed in Nike gear.

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