College coaches are highest-paid public employees in 40 states

(John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)
(John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

It may not come as a surprise that the highest-paid public employees in most states are coaches at large universities.

Your local DMV certainly isn’t paying its employees anywhere close to the $7.1 million per year Alabama football coach Nick Saban receives. In fact, only one state government official is the highest-paid public employee of his or her state: Maine’s Chief Medical Examiner, Margaret S. Greenwald.

USA TODAY Sports’ release of its FBS football coaches salaries database raises the question: How do the salaries of public school NCAA coaches compare to their fellow state employees? According to a 2013 Deadspin article, the answer is: no comparison. The highest paid state employees included 27 football coaches, 13 basketball coaches and only 11 non-sports professionals.

As 2014 comes to an end, these numbers haven’t changed much. The only difference is that the number of football coaches has increased to 31, replacing three basketball coaches and one non-sport professional.

Lets see which coaches made the cut in 2014, and exactly how much they are making:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.54.28 AM

While the optics may look bad, taxpayers aren’t footing the bill for many of these huge salaries. Money coaches receive is often covered by athletic department revenues, endorsements, outside sources and “other compensation.”  These valuable add-ons boost relatively standard base salaries to ranges far beyond what the typical state employee receives.

Salary information:

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  • 38 –
  • 40 –
  • 42 –
  • 44 –
  • 46 –
  • 47 –
  • 48 –
  • 49 –
  • 50 –

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