What Are The Benefits of Getting The Train?

by Laura C. Jones

Whether you’re making a long journey across the country, or where you’re making a short city journey, there are plenty of benefits to getting the train. And it’s no wonder rail journeys are becoming more popular – journeys were up by around 85 per cent by December 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Below we explore the benefits of getting the train.

Avoid driving

Driving can be uncomfortable. You have to focus on the road entirely, meaning you can’t multi-task during the journey. Plus, if you’re in an unfamiliar environment, it can be stressful trying to work out where to go. On top of this, there’s the danger of heavy traffic making you late for your engagement.

More time

One of the main benefits of taking the train is that it gives you extra time to work on something while you travel. While you’re on the journey, you can utilize the tables on trains to get on with work, read, or catch up on your emails.


A train’s journey is simple. You just wait for your train to arrive at its destination, and you’re there. You don’t need to worry about any directions or navigation. This means you can avoid any navigation worries and just focus on enjoying your journey.


Taking the train is also much better for the environment than traveling via car. In the UK, a car with one passenger produces 171 grams of carbon per km. On the other hand, domestic rail produces just 41 grams of carbon per passenger. As a result, when you take the train over the car, you’re contributing less carbon to the atmosphere. By consistently making environmental choices like this, you can do your part to limit climate change.


Ultimately, the whole experience of taking the train is relaxing. With this form of transport, you can sit back, relax and refuel with food and drink. Plus, if you’re making a longer trip, you’ll be transported directly to a city-center which can be particularly useful when you reach your destination.

If you have a journey coming up, it’s well worth getting the train. And if you purchase an anytime ticket, you can enjoy the flexibility of being eligible for any journey that day. Just book your tickets today, and you can enjoy the benefits for yourself on your next trip.

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