Top 3 Athletes In The Philippines For 2022

by Laura C. Jones

Like any other country, the Philippines have its sporting stars. They are spread across different fields. Basketball is one of the Philippines’ popular sporting activities; there are several established and upcoming athletes who are putting the country on the map. Other sporting events that have produced top athletes in the country in the recent past include ice hockey, football, volleyball, swimming, martial arts, and weightlifting among others.

According to Evelyn Balyton, a sports betting content creator affiliated with Mightytips, these are the same sports that attract huge numbers of wagers. In her review of sports bookmakers, Evelyn has observed that best online sports betting Philippines , such as basketball, football, hockey among others, you can find on the Mightytips website.

Top athletes are among the players who influence most of the outcomes. She points out the importance of familiarizing myself with these athletes. It gives the punters an edge as they make their bets from an informed point. Evelyn observes that the Philippines has a crop of male and female athletes who have put the country on the map. Considered as the pride of the nation, the athletes are an inspiration; they have raised the Philippines flag high, and the country has become a force to reckon with in the sports field.

Who are these stars?

Evelyn Balyton’s sentiments on popular athletes of the Philippines for 2022 are shared by several other commentators. Many are of the view that the Philippines has both established and upcoming athletes, meaning that the country’s excellence in the sporting arena is not about to die any time soon. Sports enthusiasts and punters alike have been excited by the performance of the sensational basketball player Kai Sotto, the weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz, the pole vaulter EJ Obiena, boxing star Nesthy Petecio, the women’s national football team led by Rosemarie Vargas, Esports champions Team Sibol among others.

Evelyn also points out that the list of famous athletes cannot be complete without mentioning the top e-football players such as J Patino, who plays for the Port FC, k Ingreso of BG Pathum United FC, Schipmann, Falkesgaard, Schrock, Ramsay, and Bedic among others. These are also on the list of popular athletes today. They are players to watch for anyone who bets on Filipino e-football players.

Evelyn observes that there has been a growing interest in the Philippines athletes, with many especially the young people looking for information about them, either for knowledge purposes or to allow them to make successful bets. Evelyn, who has been writing comprehensive content on sporting events and betting sites, says this is a positive development as it boosts the sporting fraternity and the betting arena. (You can access Evelyn’s profile and some of her articles here).

While there is agreement on who to include on the top athletes of the Philippines list for 2022, the challenge comes in when considering which stars make it in the A list. Nevertheless, the task gets easier when you consider the popular games and the performance of athletes in these areas. Going by the commentaries in the sporting channels and our analysis, the top three athletes in the Philippines for 2022 are as follows:

  • Kai Sotto
  • Hidilyn Diaz
  • EJ Obiena

We expect different reactions from our readers, some may agree with us while others may strongly disagree. We respect each opinion. However, we will provide reasons why we believe that the three athletes deserve mention when talking about the great stars in the sporting arena in 2022.

Kai Sotto

The 20 years old professional basketball player currently playing for Adelaide 36ers, an Australian team, has a bright future ahead. He has represented his country in several tournaments where he has helped the national team record good performance. Several international clubs have shown interest, and it’s only a matter of time before he moves to a top club in the NBA league if he maintains his current performance.

His performance at Adelaide 36ers has been stunning. This has won him praise both at home and in Australia. Many see him as a future star, a player who may join the likes of Michael Jordan and others on the A-List. The number of awards he has won includes the Gold medal during the 2017 SEABA championships and several UAAP honors among others. The future is bright for this Filipino star, his country is proud of him, and he has been putting the Philippines flag high in the basketball arena.

Hidilyn Diaz

The weightlifter made history by becoming the first to win an Olympic Gold for her country. If that is not great, read about her achievements in weightlifting. She is currently the record holder for the Women’s 55kg weightlifting category. She was also the bronze medalist final of the 2007 SEA Games. As a student-athlete, she won two gold and silver in the Youth Weightlifting Championship.

This year in May, she won a gold medal in the 31st Southeast Asian championships. With these and many other achievements, Hidilyn is not just a national hero but also an international star who has earned a space in the list of stars.

EJ Obiena

Ernest John Obiena is a household name in the Philippines. The pole vaulter has earned a space in the list of top athletes for his record in recent tournaments. Before that, he had broken several records, including the Asian Athletics pole vault championship, where he jumped 5.55 meters. He is currently the third-best pole vaulter in the world. In 2022, he continued to perform well in the international tournament. He was the winner at the South East Asian games held in Vietnam. He came third in the World Championships held in Eugene, USA.

The Philippines athletes continue to shine in the international sports arena. The fact that we have upcoming stars rocking the world in different fields means that the country will continue to enjoy the limelight both in the region and the world. The list of top three athletes may change tomorrow, but the fact is that the Philippines flag will continue to fly high in international tournaments.

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