How to Make Your Home More Secure After a Break-in?

by Laura C. Jones

If you’ve suffered a break-in, you’re not alone. In 2020/2021, over 267,000 burglaries occurred in England and Wales. Having your home broken into can be distressing and result in sleepless nights and worry. But there are steps you can take to make your house more secure and deter any potential burglars in the future.

We’ll take you through some simple ways to help you feel safer and give you peace of mind when you’re away from home or in bed at night.

Install an alarm

Having a house alarm can help dissuade someone from breaking and entering your home, and if someone does manage to break in, the noise will alert neighbors and draw attention to your property. You can set the alarm for when you’re out of the home as well as at night when you’re in bed.

Invest in smart home security

A video doorbell will alert you if someone is at the door so you can monitor your property wherever you are. There are also apps that allow you to control blinds and curtains, making it easy to simulate presence, even when you’re not there. Security cameras are a popular choice for those wanting extra peace of mind, and smart security systems can give you access from your mobile phone.

Change your locks

If your doors and locks are fairly old, consider replacing them with newer, more secure ones. If this initial cost is expensive, then a payday loan could be looked into to cover the costs. Always remember to lock doors behind you, even when you’re in the house. Many burglars are opportunists, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have items stolen while they’re upstairs or in another room.

Lock your windows

If you’re leaving the house, make sure you lock your windows. It’s not difficult to enter a property through a window, particularly on the ground floor. If it’s warm a night, leave windows on a latch to keep them secure while still allowing air in.

Use a timer for your lights

If you’re out and it’s dark, or you’re going on holiday, leave a timer for your lights to make it appear that people are at home. Burglars often know when people are likely to be away from home, but seeing the light on is often enough to discourage them from breaking in.

However, you choose to improve your home security, always remain vigilant when answering the door, leaving the house, and locking up for the night. You could also consider joining your local neighborhood watch to raise awareness and help reduce crime in your area.

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