5 Ways to be Eco-Friendly With Your Dog

by Laura C. Jones

Owning a dog can bring many benefits to your life, and they are considered man’s best friend for a good reason. These days, if you own a dog, it is important to consider the environmental impact of doing so, as everyone needs to find ways to be more sustainable in life, and there are several ways you can do this with a dog. Keep reading to find out the best ways to be eco-friendly with your dog.

Choose Eco-Friendly Suppliers

First, you should research all the suppliers you use for your dog and make sure you are buying from eco-friendly brands. This will include the food you purchase, toys, bedding, dog shampoo products, and anything else you buy for your pet. This will be one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of owning a dog and give you peace of mind.

Buy Food & Supplies in Bulk

Following this, it is also a brilliant idea to buy food and other supplies in bulk. This is because it will reduce travel (either in the form of you driving to the store or having items delivered), plus it will reduce the amount of packaging going to landfills. Not only this, but purchasing items like sensitive dog food in bulk will reduce the chance of you running out when you need it. You might even find that buying in bulk helps you to make savings as well.

Donate Old Dog Gear

Instead of throwing out your old dog gear when your dog no longer needs it, you should donate things like blankets, toys, and leads to a dog shelter or give it away to someone that you know/someone online. This will prevent waste and give you satisfaction knowing that you are helping another owner. Additionally, when you need new dog gear, it is worth looking for second-hand items to be more sustainable.

Clean Up Mess With Eco-Friendly Bags

Cleaning up a dog mess is an unpleasant yet essential part of owning a dog. This is also something that you will be doing (at least) daily, so you want to ensure that you are using eco-friendly bags that will not damage the environment.

Get Creative With Toys

It might be cute to buy your dog new stuffed toys that resemble animals, but to them, they want something they can carry, chase and play tug of war with. Therefore, you can be much more sustainable by getting creative and making toys with old t-shirts, rope, and pieces of fabric that can be repurposed instead of buying new toys all the time.

These are the best ways to be eco-friendly with your dog and will help you slash your environmental impact.

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