How to Get Ready for Easter?

by Laura C. Jones

With British Summer Time officially underway, it’s time to prepare for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and welcome the new season with all the usual festivities. In this guide, we’ll cover some tips to help fill your home with colorful inspiration, ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Don’t forget the sweet treats

Easter is almost inextricably tied to the national tradition of buying, decorating, and feasting on Easter eggs. The national love for Chocolate Easter eggs keeps excitement high for the whole family – and choosing the perfect egg for a loved one makes a special, thoughtful gift.

While it’s unlikely you’ll still see the same satin-covered cardboard eggs of the early twentieth century, the holiday wouldn’t be the same without an impressive collection of Easter eggs in any household, especially for children. Hot cross buns are traditionally festive and work well as a crowd-pleasing Easter Sunday breakfast.

Set up a treasure hunt

A fantastic way to celebrate Easter at home is to make your very own scavenger hunt, offering an entertaining activity for the family or a larger group of friends and neighbors. If you’d like to organize a big one, you’ll need to:

  • Decide on a date, place, and time for your hunt
  • Send invitations
  • Stock up on miniature Easter eggs
  • Have Easter baskets and buckets at the ready

After some simple preparation, all that’s left to do is hide the Easter eggs and start the hunt. Ready, set, go!

Homemade decorations

If you need an activity to pass the time on Easter weekend, why not spend an afternoon making homemade decorations with your family? Ideal for getting everyone stuck in and keeping the children entertained, the possibilities are endless.

From bright pink bouquets to fluffy yellow chicks and playful Easter baskets, festive decorations make cheerful additions to any household. To make your own, you’ll only need basic art supplies and enthusiasm!

Festive lights

There’s no shortage of colorful fairy lights for sale, perfect for adding those finishing touches to your house ready for the weekend. Whether you choose string festoon lights for your living room or an LED Easter tree for the patio, choosing any new lighting for Easter will add to the atmosphere and brighten up the weekend.

Whatever you choose to get up to this Easter, the whole family will appreciate the time and effort it takes to plan for a truly special weekend spent together.

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