Overtime’s bet on high school sports pays off with Kevin Durant, Andreessen Horowitz investment

It’s all about content, and Overtime has engaging, raw, and real digital content. It’s content that resonates with its viewers and fans. Apparently, it also resonates with investors as Overtime closed a round of Series A funding with the likes of Kevin Durant, David Stern, Andreessen Horowitz, and Greycroft being part of the Series A investment.

Young consumers simply don’t watch content the same way as older generations. That’s not a newsflash. That means no content distribution methods are imperative to reach a younger audience who doesn’t think that ESPN is cool and linear television is a waste of time. Overtime has filled that niche. The company boasts millions of views on their videos. They don’t just bring content to their audience. Their audience is a major part of their content creation as well.

That’s how the new media landscape works. That’s why such big name investors and companies are interested in offerings like Overtime. It’s not complicated. There is something about the two way relationship when it comes to new media that resonates with millennials and Generation Z.

It helps that Overtime fills a content niche as well as the aforementioned distribution and production niche. Interest in high school sports has grown exponentially over the years. Think about its progression. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, sports fans could only hear rumors about high schoolers and highly touted recruits. The internet allowed information to expand and permeate fan’s consciousness. Then everyone could go on scouting sites and learn about four and five star recruits from around the country. Once LeBron James was on television at St. Vincent St. Mary, high school sports started to make its mark on linear television. That wasn’t enough. Once we put a camera in the hand of every fan — smartphones — it allowed for highlight dunks, big plays, and big games to be everywhere. A basketball fan who hasn’t seen Zion Williamson highlights is now an anomaly.

That’s thanks to Overtime, and sites like it. Overtime just does it the best at this time. Now, the company has to funding to expand its reach. It’s goal is to be a digital ESPN. The more funding and content it gets, the better the chance that will happen.

It used to be that major companies had to consider the size of the market to invest in properties. Well, niche products have been able to leverage engagement, virality, social, and digital media to build a rabid fanbase. Overtime is now in a position to leverage that fanbase for further growth. The investments helps as well.

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