Teams, leagues, and events look for more responsive digital design solutions

Building a website, mobile application or digital landing spot is a lot tougher and takes a lot more time than most people think. The problem facing teams, leagues, and event planners is that key design features almost have to be chosen before everything is set in stone. Putting in the correct information, feeds, and data can get complicated. It’s an issue almost everyone in the industry faces now. Every event has to have an associated app. Everything better be designed for mobile.

The content needs to be engaging as well. Normal content management systems take time. Things need to be mapped. Things need to be built from scratch and integrated every single time. Mapping things take time and effort. See what we are getting at here? Things seem to be a lot more difficult than normal plug and play.

There are some companies looking to address the pain point. “We’ve worked with a number of partners on their sites or digital offerings. We found content management systems were either too expensive with too many bells and whistles, or too basic and caused a lot of manual programming. This effected speed to market,” said Nick Arcuri vice president of product at Omnigon. “Our clients or potential clients needed an efficient solution so we worked them to find a solution.”

The problem really lies in organizations with a lower digital budget. They can’t use a lite offering because it won’t provide a compelling product to the end user. Companies are on their way to developing products to answer the business problem.

For example, CONCACAF launched two new websites — for Gold Cup and the  Scotiabank CONCACAF League using a solution called Corebine, which is described as an audience
engagement platform focused on brands and content owners that need a set of
publishing and sponsor activation tools. The focus is on speed, innovation, and strong design.

As more events need mobile and responsive web solutions, more products will come to market looking to assist groups that may not have a tighter digital budget. These solutions will help brands activate and engage with fans at higher levels than before.

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