Old Dominion, MLB partnership brings carnival game vibe to interesting partnership at All-Star game

Old Dominion is the official freight partner of Major League Baseball, and while that partnership may not look like the most exciting deal for fans at first, it’s created one of the more interesting giveaways in recent history.

Remember that game you played in elementary school or at a carnival where you’d guess how many items were in a container? How many peanuts are in the jar? How many marbles are in the giant glass cylinder? Well, Old Dominion and Major League Baseball have decided to make a grown-up version with the winner getting World Series tickets.

Old Dominion has a clear 28 foot trailer filled with baseball at Marlins Park. The trailer will move around the country hitting up stadiums in which the team has a deal with the company. Fans can enter online and guess how many baseballs are in the container, and the winner will receive to the next three world series.

One of the problems with sponsorship deals is they can become rote and boring. Signage doesn’t move the needle anymore. Let’s face it, there’s nothing super-exciting to the normal fan when it comes to an official freight partner and a league.

That’s where the Old Dominion folks and MLB need to be created in making a lasting impression. The entire goal of sponsorship is to create brand awareness. A sign or a truck alone won’t do that. A fun game where fans can get involved and there’s a pretty nice giveaway at the end. That will do it. Plus, any fan registering for the sweepstakes will now in Old Dominion’s customer database.

It’s an activation that step outside of the normal boundaries. It’s a traveling game that will get exposure in some big markets. It’s a fun game that allows the sponsor and MLB to connect with fans in a different manner. Now excuse me while I try to figure out the volume of a 28 foot trailer.

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