Timberwolves and Magic join jersey patch teams, expect more to follow

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced a jersey patch deal with Fit-Bit, and the Orlando Magic came to an agreement with their most obvious partner Disney World. That brings the number of teams with jersey patch partners up to eight. That is just the beginning. We are reaching an inflection point where teams are realizing that they don’t want to be left out of jersey patch sponsorships.

There’s no huge rush, but it is important for certain teams to make sure they have brand association with the right company. The Celtics have General Electric, a large established company with connections to Boston. The Magic landed Disney World, the only other thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about Orlando. The Kings landed Blue Diamond, a Sacramento company that upholds the team’s goals to work with local companies.

The first patch partner is very important, especially for marquee teams with brand images to uphold. The Lakers can’t take the first offer, but they should make sure the company they choose has gravitas and a reputation for excellence. Higher end car companies like Lexus or Mercedes Benz come to mind. Local Los Angeles companies with name brand recognition would fit as well. The Clippers on the other hand could go more tech savvy or new age when it looks for its jersey partner — let’s be honest it’s going to Microsoft. A lot depends on the reputation and history of the team and companies involved.

Now that eight teams have landed sponsors, expect more to follow. Teams don’t want to be left out or miss on a sponsor that fit perfectly. Sponsors should be talking to multiple teams, so it’s time to make moves now. The jersey sponsor is here. It’s time for everyone to find the right deal.

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