Bose renews deal with NFL, is set for more exposure

Bose renewed it’s deal to be the official headphone and headset of the NFL, and with it will come more exposure. There’s nothing in the deal that states Bose will get anything extra from their prior deal. Guerrilla marketing is still a concern — especially with so many players having deals with Beats By Dre. But Bose will still get more exposure than before thanks to new NFL rules regarding the replay system.

That’s right. The replay system will — the bane of fans due to delays in the game — will get Bose more television time. The NFL recently changed its replay process to have increased communication with the the league office to make sure calls are correct. When referees are speaking to New York, they’ll be wearing Bose headphones. That branding is going to be seen at least once a game. NFL games see 1.6 replays per contest.

Bose isn’t the only partner that will benefit from the new replay review. Officials will be using Micrsoft Surfaces — the official tablet of the NFL — to view video footage on the field. NFL teams already use the Surface on the sideline — well everyone except Bill Belichick — to check film and review plays. Now the product will get more exposure, just like Bose.

The only potential downside: fans hate replay review. If fans start associating replays with the Surface and Bose headphones that’s not exactly what the partners are going for. That will be a small part of the viewing population. Most will think “if it’s good enough for the NFL, it’s good enough for me.”



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