Tiger Woods bag sponsorship isn’t a huge jump

Tiger Woods is making his return to competitive golf, and everyone is cheering for a healthy and successful return. After all, golf is more fun when Tiger is around. Ratings increase, people attend tournaments for Woods, and it never hurts to have a living legend in contention on Sunday. While everyone is focusing on Tiger’s play, a lot of people are making comments about Woods’ new bag sponsor. Monster energy isn’t as big of a mismatch as some are making it out to be.

Jalen and Jacoby of ESPN really focused on the fact that Monster isn’t some luxury brand. Well Tiger wasn’t just focused on luxury brands in his past partnerships. In fact, one of his biggest sponsors was Buick. Now, my first car was a Buick so I have a soft spot for the car company, but Buicks aren’t Porsches or Mercedes Benzes or BMWs. Buick has some cars that step into the luxury realm, but it’s not what people would call a luxury brand when they first think of luxury cars. Tiger is the type of athlete that crosses demographics and income backgrounds. He has appeal to a lot of different people.

Credit: TGR Live
Credit: TGR Live

Now, Monster does have a brand image of excitement and intensity. Isn’t that Tiger Woods on the golf course? Even if some people don’t agree with that and say Monster is about action sports and bigger personalities, Tiger is still that person in golf. This is the same Tiger who trained with Navy SEALs.┬áMake all the comments you want, but that is in line with Monster energy drinks.

There’s no reason that Monster shouldn’t be on the golf course. A lot of people drink energy drinks to focus. Golf requires a lot of focus. Tiger having an energy drink sponsor would be no different than if he had a coffee sponsorship deal.

In the end all the talk actually helps Monster. If the company wanted to switch and build an ad campaign around the focus and energy benefits, it may happen now with all the exposure. Some older golfer who hacks on the weekend is going to try Monster at some point now. It is all working out. Tiger and Monster may seem like a mismatch, but it may end up working out, and at the very least Monster got the type of exposure it wanted.