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San Diego Chargers using app to garner support for ballot measure

Chargers using app to get out the vote.

On Tuesday people will be going to the polls to cast their ballots for president, senator, representatives, and special propositions. The San Diego Chargers are very interested in one proposition on the city ballot. It is an increase to the tourism tax tied to public funding for their new stadium. Getting a two-thirds vote for the tax increase is going to be close to impossible, but the Chargers are hoping they can get out the vote for yes . . . using an app. 

The Chargers app is completely internal. It is helping their volunteers and employees go door to door to encourage people to vote. The app is using information to find out which people would be more likely to support the proposition. It is also targeting residents who could have their mind changed. The goal is to get to 50 percent, which is realistic.

It is another reminder that all of our information is available to anyone who wants to sell us something. Professional sports teams are no different. There is a reason they want access to your phone when you download an app. There’s a reason why buying tickets can look like filling out a job application. The teams want to know how they can better pitch fans on tickets, concessions, apparel, and now apparently voting support.

Teams having this information is good for the fan. It allows the teams to make sure each fan has specific offerings that are focused to their preferences. It will be interesting to see if this can transition to the voting booth, and if so would owners and teams use that information to support a specific candidate and not just a proposition for a new stadium.

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