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Madden video game will help preview new stadiums

Madden is allowing fans to get a sneak peak at stadiums that haven't opened yet.

There are a few new or refurbished NFL stadiums making debuts¬†over the next few years. Minnesota’s new stadium — Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment announced the suites, club seats and stadium builders license (aka PSLs) at U.S. Bank Stadium are sold out — and Miami’s refurbished Hard Rock Stadium will have fans walking through the turnstiles this year. Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium opens next year, and the Rams new stadium is slated to be finished by the 2019 season. Actually, all of them will be hosting Super Bowls over the next few years.¬†There is a lot of excitement around these new venues and Madden the video game could change hows fans are introduced to new stadiums moving forward.

Fans who can’t wait to see what the Falcons will look like at Mercedes-Benz Stadium don’t have to anymore. If fans want to see the Falcons play in their new home, they can simply access the stadium in Madden 17. All they have to do is choose the option on play now or play a full season with the Falcons. Gamers can then have players move into the new stadium in their second season. The same time frame the real life Falcons will experience.

This is an interesting way to get fans excited about a new venue. Normally fans really can’t see the new digs of their teams until they make it to a game. Now they can get a rough experience of what the new stadium will look like. It obviously doesn’t give fans any pointers on where the shortest beer lines are, but it’s still pretty cool that Madden is allowing fans to experience new stadiums when the stadium hasn’t been completed.

This could get fans excited to experience the new venue and may help convince a casual fan to purchase tickets to experience what they have seen on the game. The circular roof, the new seats and levels, the large LCD screens can all be replicated in the game before the Falcons move in.

It will be interesting to see if this gets fans more excited. Madden will have the ability to preview more stadiums over the next few years. The Los Angeles stadium could be as digital masterpiece. If the Chargers build a new stadium in San Diego or the Raiders move to Vegas, that makes two more venues where Madden could provide a sneak peak. Technology is now allowing fans to connect with their teams’ new homes.

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