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International soccer teams remain focused on engagement through technology and apps

Bayern Munich is the latest team to focus on fan engagement through new digital app suite.

If you talk to anyone in the sport of soccer about their success in the United States they rarely talk about ratings, or sheer volume of eyeballs and fans. They focus more on engagement. They will tell you their fans have more interaction with teams than fans of the big-four sports in the U.S.. That social and digital numbers are on-par or better than a lot of other leagues and teams. Soccer fans aren’t just fans they are fanatics. With that in mind more teams are building out their technology to provide robust options for fan interaction.

The latest team to do so is the German Bundesliga’s most well known and successful team Bayern Munich. Bayern has built its profile in the United State’s through games played here, but also their success in the Champions League. Since Bundesliga games aren’t as easily accessible in the U.S., a new digital app is another way to constantly engage its fans.

Enter Bayern’s partnership with Omnigon — a company that specializes in providing digital and technology consulting for the sports and entertainment world.  The app will include Match Center with full match statistics, scores, fixtures and tables, news and photo galleries. A more robust suite of services will be developed including streaming highlights, a radio type connectivity, and more social aspects to engage the fan.

Bayern isn’t the first team to leverage technology to engage its fans. AC Milan used crowdsourcing for its website. Fox used brackets of historic moments to provide nostalgia, education and fan engagement for its sponsors and partners during CONCACAF play. If these companies and teams can’t generate sheer volume in numbers, they can generate engagement numbers connecting with fans more than normal. Time spent on a website or app is sometimes more important than a lot of people visiting the site and bouncing immediately. There’s no return for advertising partners and sponsors if people are only consuming content for 15 seconds.

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