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Bernie Williams discusses his love for Boston . . . in partnership with MLB and Sheraton Hotels

Sheraton and MLB have partnered on an intriguing partnership activation.

Digital media allowes leagues and partners new ways to activate on their sponsorship deals, and Sheraton and MLB launched one of the more creative content partnership activations in recent memory.  The new series features MLB players going into a rivals hometown and shows traveling baseball fans that their hated opposition’s home has entertaining places to eat, drink and visit.

The first video has Bernie Williams discussing where he enjoyed frequenting in Boston when he was on road trips.

The obvious goal is to increase both travel and stays at Sheratons when fans head out on baseball road trips, but this type of activation is very engaging.

Everyone is in the content business, and Sheraton and MLB creating more content for its fans will hopefully drive business. At worst it creates another video touch-point for the hotel that doesn’t feel like typical advertising. Content is king, and now content is branded, sponsored, and entertaining. As more people consume digital media, activations like this will become more prevalent.

The hope is that this type of content makes people connect with the brand and then eventually those fans become customers. The question will be is this content more effective than traditional advertising. Sherton and MLB will find out because in the upcoming months they will release more videos including Billy Butler in Seattle and Matt Carpenter in Chicago.

Michael Colangelo is Managing Editor of The Fields of Green and Assistant Director at the USC Sports Business Institute.

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